one Hua in the world however

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To know the Moscow declares before opening hostilities 500 battalions, can actually only have 4,500,000 or so, the big part is still all new soldier.But arrive Kazakhstan to Central Asia meet for great battle be over from Afghanistan, in fact have already thrown about 2,000,000 troopses in the east.Plus Afghanistan in nowadays 200,000 be rounded, the tower Shi stem drags along about 400,000, Gao Jia Suo and Persia drag along 800,000, add Siberia and salty sea again to the east Kazakhstan, actually not only will tile private urgent set the troopses for setting up all drag out after the battle, in the hand already didn't how much properly prepare a brigade.
    So Stalin considers for a night, still just the second day meeting after formally announce a whole country to talk, news admit Central Asia being invaded, but don't lift to the key numbers like dead and injured,etc word.He calls for a whole country and the whole world in the middle of talking of the proletariat be Central Asia protected a Soviets with the actual activity, protect, and is talking an end to also describe the backstroke of national defense soldier as"the yellow peril invades", try to draw on an Euro-American anti- China influence and Nazi race doctrine with the vocabulary that makes people hate, continue to alleviate Su virtuous relation.
    The this time talks to let one Hua in the world however, even feeling a lot of Sovietses is unimaginable.A few days ago of the newspaper still is saying to Best Hunting Knife recover how much how many"national territory"s, exterminate how much how many enemies, how overnight become be invaded?Although doubt guess continuously, he talks the effect for bringing still very astonishing of, publicizee machine in the strong government work under, protect a slogan of Wei country to resound through open countryside, count with 1,000,000 Soviets young mans accounting start pickeding up weapon and variously visit a quick set of shot brigade to set up, the worker is gathered to put together to have around-the-clock request to start work, even the criminals all passive member joins to produce a troops and also have at least 50,000 greatly clean medium disheveled hair go together with of the intermediate military officer, airplane pilot and navy's personnel be released, re- walk last conductor post.
    Talk also and proclaim Central Asia war to promote this time war in the house is for the country!
Under the Soviets special system of mobilize ability is need not to doubt, after Stalin talks on the second day, the Moscow declares afresh the set sets up 70 group soldiers and 5,000,000 visit a shot brigade, enounce that the invader drowns in the ocean of people's war.The GC international organization of world-wide locations also responds to a call in succession and close 2 at least by the end of the month 50,000 come from France, Eastern Europe and the United States"international warrior" in South America even pass grounds like Gao Jia Suo,etc directly and go to front battle.
    Probably being can the words of man listenned to into a half and increased to send 5 new soldier's teachers in the foundation of still just 6 teachers of Stalin, again add various international warriors, tower Shi stem of the troops suddenly and violently increase into 500,000.Pa Na first the section also swear on the military meeting of enounce, tower Shi the stem become the enemy's grave, the depletion enemy's soldier has already livinged strength to fight for more time of mobilizing for rear.
Posted 02 Jan 2020

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