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Pakistan, Pakistan
Pakistani Hostage Released: Points To think

Recently a Pakistani has been released in Iraq and now back home. When he was taken hostage the Pakistani media started making hue and cry for the release of one Pakistani, the news was given top priority, They forgot that in that land of occupation thousands of muslims have been locked up in jails, tortured, brutalized and humiliated by the tyrant crusaders. From top to bottom, this news was given a great importance in the media. It is confirm for every genuine muslim that the Mujahideen would never harm any innocent especially a muslim, but still in the eyes of moderate muslims they are terrorists. In the PTV program News Morning the enlightened muslims sat together and said that some criminal minded people by the name Omar Ibn Al Khattab took away the Pakistani, and other usual non sense, forgetting the ground reality of the occupied land.

Why don’t these moderate Muslims cry for the release of the thousand muslim prisoners arrested by the crusaders from their own homes!!!, nowhere to be seen again.

Our mothers and sisters have been raped by those pigs, and are waiting for some Mohammad bin Qasim to come to their help.

The story of the Pakistani is over he is released and back home, but our brothers are still being humiliated, where is the cry???

Posted 16 May 2005

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