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With as for, Su's soldier that defendoof Anne to gather to postpone 54 group soldiers finish completely whole gunfires that are suddenly extended to beat Meng!All telephone lines are in the moment drive crowded explode, variously shout and bawl out to fill with the whole space.
    "Feed?156 teachers connect 156 teachers for me.What?Did the telephone line break?That fixs good it!"
    "Damn of, orderly?"
    "Commander member comrade!They aimed at infantry battlefield."
    After being as long as 40 minutes to the devastation of artilleries battlefields, the group soldier full general kir wave the promise Si again and painfully looking at fortress cannon the gun muzzle nearer infantry dugout and build Lei region troops.
    Build Lei region's troops the large-scale Qian dike is according to the European War of last time war the new war method of , in brief say be in great quantities construct to always have to build city works with field battle works and other, and combine together the stumbling block of each works, constitute build Lei to go together with to fasten of region, in the defense system of international community a great deal of use.From hard of always have the cement works as center, go together with with a great deal of field battle works, establish specialized artillery, and machine gun...etc. inside the works.According to battle direction strength and importance, the Zong that builds a Lei region is the deeply biggest to reach to several kilometers, Best Hunting Knife the thermodynamic power density on the kilometer is very astonishing each time, so Su's soldier that emphasizes thermodynamic power particularly values the deployment of building the Lei region, usually a works have 20 stand machine gun, there are also 10-20 each kind of field artilleries, and have 10 anti-tank weapons at least.
    The tower Shi stem is a plain is the most important in the tin Er river river of a little bit strategic, not only guard Anne to gather to postpone, but also can radiate from rare Mu be willing to especially to the whole big plain in Samarkand.So from official gazette in Shanghai after, Su's soldier continuously strengthened the tower Shi that sand Russia left dry fortress, the luck comes to a great deal of European War period of old style fortress heavy artillery, still just this south north grow 350 kilometers, on thing breadth 150 kilometers of plains, built 1296 to use have works, light machine gun the camp have 25, the total troops is 18000 people.After Central Asia meeting for great battle to end for the first time, Stalin issues order to strengthen anti-tank thermodynamic power again and deploys several tens anti-tank camp here, each kind of anti-tank cannon and war keep cannon from reaching to 2177 more!In Uzbek soldier 530,000 troopses of the whole tower Shi stem, there are 200,000 Lei region troops of all participating in to builds.These tasks that build Lei troops are very in brief explicit, be use built-up works and dark fortress depletion enemy have already livinged strength, keep enemy's armor from gathering a flock of rapid break.
Posted 12 Jan 2020

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