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When Alexander suddenly stared big eyes, the whole board room also like the explosion sort.The military administration officials on all sides all one face is vacant and shocked.Central Asia meet for great battle a so big affair for the second time, they certainly know some, although can not get concrete war bulletin, anti- know from the intelligence report of the Soviets, Stalin started out up to 100 teachers, and still launched surprise attack!So everyone thinks that medium Su will launch a terrific fight.So who also have never thought, this Chinese special envoy trembles a hand to take out so shocked news.God!The tower Shi stem has 500,000 Su soldier, if Peter expects the Luo man Si gram ring of encirclement to really have 600,000, Best Hunting Knife and have already been exterminated just of 270,000......Is again an eastern Kazakhstan battle to be born!And Afghanistan and tile the private wait piecemeal a number and opened hostilities up to now a Soviets to unexpectedly throw more than 3,000,000 main force!
    Translation but imitate a Buddha don't listen to nearby shout, continue to say:"If there is no accident, the tower Shi does after two weeks of Su's soldier will be thoroughly exterminated!To 7 the end of the months, we will relieve Peter to expect the Luo man Si gram just to salty sea to the east of all Central Asia region!So please trust, we completely have enough weapon to pay, and we will lead long the strength of making the Soviets with all strength, in no case will allow them to have opportunity to break Europe!"
    Is quiet, the calmness is still quiet!
    After all of the translation finishes saying, the whole board room leaves a bulky breather voice.
    Murder case in the card court and Su virtuous secret's trading be announced, England has been worrying Su is virtuous will formally form alliance.But now even if form alliance, afraid of a Soviets could not take as well how much strength the hurl send to Europe, so the enemy of England only have Germany......To, there is also Italy.
    Knowing Central Asia will soon again overwhelming victory, Alexander of urgently red eye has to go crazy!Only the Qiu Ji Er doesn't make a sound, Best Hunting Knife because he is understand, here in the world, big ammunition religion's businesses of of any state-to-state all take a political purpose.So he slowly orders a cigar, the double eyes,such as duck hawk, stare at Jiang Bai Li:"The Sir of the special envoy, does England need to pay what?Only is gold and currency?"
    Two like substantial visions, not only let military officer and cabinet in the big minister calm down gradually, also let heart in Jiang Bai in dark shout, no wonder that Yang Qiu will is this old Jue Ye as main opponent.O.K. he early has preparation, smiling of Ping-ho:"400,000,000 people dollar cash or equivalent gold and bond, the English Yi petroleum company, the Kuwait takes charge of power, and will check the islands of Ge Si to hand over to our country is navy to supply a point, in order to match with the military operation of your country to do preparation, finally still need to admit our country belong to eastern India to the method of temporarily entrust to the care of, we can not let the hostile nation control here,
Posted 13 Jan 2020

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