immediately and excitedly shouted

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Can the child like a ratio!Seem ……just a little a little bit smaller, oneself suffers a los similar.
  "Elder brother, and my fruits' least.Your fruits are much bigger than me, almost arrive to ascend me two."This curls hair kid and flank another one seem to be a big and strong kid to say.
  "H'm, I the belly isn't that Best Hunting Knife comfortable today, so big of, I am also full, change with you."This big and strong kid smiles a way and curl hair a kid black slip away of eyes a bright, connect a way:"Really?"Mouth up say so, can vision but is fall at in the middle of the his elder brother's hand that of the apple ascended.
  "Does this still have a leave?"Once the big and strong kid smile and then once took the apple in the younger brother's hand and passed own big apple to pass by.
  But the Teng green mountain have already issued to complete and at the right moment see this act at the moment.
  "This brothers a pair ……" Teng green mountain vision is aery, in the brain not from presented one act scene of extremely long front-
  That one next year that is long time ago 30.
  The outside snowflake falls thick and fasts, the firecrackers voice continuously rings out, and inside an open spaces house, a big cluster of children also all the acclaim ground round one to look like 60 years old or so old grandmother.
  "Everyone has and all has, Best Hunting Knife a comes."Old grandmother of this hair flower white kindly looking at a this groups kid and delivered toward each kid three pieces of big white rabbit milk sugar.Faraway age over there, poor age, New Year's Day can have big white rabbit milk sugar, be regarded as quite good.
  "Thank grandmother."
  A group of children shout, an excitedly once connected milk sugar.
  All of them have never tasted milk sugar in about a year, by this time, which still endure live, a happily eats and also excitedly says.
  "Elder brother."A kid who is dressed in to sew to repair a D broken-down quilted jacket closes lightly a mouth and looking at oneself's eldest brother.
  "How?Green river?"Flank the whole body is high slightly a little bit high, be dressed in an equally frugal kid, the doubt sees come over.
  "I, my milk sugar finished eating.Too eat well ……this just in a short while, I finished eating."Say, this calls'green river'of the kid looking at other children to still and just and slowly eat, the Chan ground almost drooled.That slightly a little bit high children, lowers the head to took a look a hand in of two pieces of big white rabbit milk sugar.
  "H'm, green river, take to eat."The slightly a little bit high children says.
  "Elder brother, don't you eat?"The green river is some to hesitate.
  "My tooth is painful."The slightly a little bit high children says with smile, " just ate a cake of, painful Be getting more suffered.Give you.To, remember ……eat sugar don't bite into bit, be like you to bite into bit to chew to eat so, other people's a cake of didn't eat up, you 3 pieces all ate up."
  "H'm, know, elder brother.Elder brother to I had better."This green river Xi Xi is on smiling, " however, these 2 pieces, I and one elder brother is a piece of."
  The slightly a little bit high children lowers the head and sees, obviously he also just kid, cannot help but the temptation of milk sugar, order:"H'm, a cake of of our one person."
  "One person a cake of."Teng green mountain soft-voiced and mumbling way, " green river, 22 years, all already 22 years."
  At by this time, the step voice rings out, the Teng green mountain turns around to see.Old grandmother who sees a full head silver hair, just under an accompanying of women, dynasty this walks.
  "Director grandmother!"
  "Director grandmother good!"
  A big cluster of orphans immediately and excitedly shouted, but old grandmother of this full head silver hair, happily seem to smile to bloom similar.
  "Director grandmother."The Teng green mountain is one Zheng, at present this director grandmother, seem to be really to remember in, the look after him and younger brother of old grandmother match two to a, "22 years, grandmother this year should also 83 years old."Teng green mountain excitedly the bodies all just a little tremble.
  But for an instant, he excitedly the emotion refrain from rash action and resumed equanimity.
  "Director, this young man calls Teng green mountain, is active to us this is free righteousness work and has already come to these six days, he is very efficient, a very intelligent young man."That women say with a smile.
  ", Teng green mountain?"This year leads 80, full head silver hair of old grandmother smile to sing to looking at a Teng green mountain.
  "Green mountain, you help care for a while director, I go to dining room preparation for a while the children's dinner."This women say with smile.
Posted 14 Jan 2020

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