I have purchased 4 investment properties a

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Real estate continues to be a very important part of any financial wealth building strategy. Most wealthy individuals have real estate
investments as a portion of their overall net worth. Carleton Sheets has been in
real estate since the 1970s and has taken his experience to build a complete
real estate course.

After purchasing the CD version of the No Down Payment course by Carleton
Sheets Dan
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 , I was impressed by 5 main points.

Carleton Sheets understands the different learning styles of individuals and has designed
this program for 3 different learning styles.

He's includes a DVD for viewing and listening

He also includes a 12 CD set for listeningauditory ? very helpful for listening in the car or at home

And the No Down Payment course includes 3 large binders of the course material, real
estate forms, examples, etc

Carleton Sheets goes into details about this course from beginning to end, describing all the elements of his
program. He teaches his No Down Payment course with the beginner and advanced
real estate investor in mind. The examples he uses in the audio
version Matt
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 , the DVD version and in the 3-ring binder (written
version) provides the beginner with the information they need to get started.
Although not necessarily a high-energy speaker, you get the sense of his
sincerity and honesty. Carleton provides enough motivation to make you take

Carleton Sheets provides his No Down Payment course on a 30 day, money-back guarantee with a $9.95 trial offer. You may want to check his site to
see if this offer is still available. Through his program, he emphasizes the
need to constantly think creatively. I've been able to apply creative thinking
in both my real estate investments and in other areas of my personal and
business life.

He reminds you of the importance of looking for four important characteristics of a good investment ? Income,
Growth Ryan
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 , Tax Advantages & Leverage

By using the techniques in his course, you can purchase properties with no down
payment, but some of the most important factors that I personally learned from
his course are you need:

To find motivated & flexible sellers

To only purchase properties with a potential for increased value

To be successful, remember that it's a 'numbers' game. You may need to review 15-25 properties, research 3-7 in
depth Pekka
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 , make offers on 2-4 and eventually purchase

If you're not embarrassed about your offering price, then you're probably offering too much.

I have purchased 4 investment properties and will be purchasing more in the near future. His course not only
provides the details and techniques to make you successful, but his No Down
Payment course provides the motivation to get going, take Action and move
towards a more financially secure future for both you and your

Normally, I am a skeptic of these types of success programs Filip
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 , but I can sincerely state that I've applied many
of the techniques in his program. The one that I will probably not personally
use (but may work for you) is the section on purchasing mobile homes. Since
mobile home depreciate (vs. the normal real estate appreciation), you will need
to be very knowledgeable in this area to be successful.

Carleton Sheets' No Down Payment course is fairly expensive, but with all the information he
provides, it is worth the price. Similar to other expensive courses, it becomes
easy to justify by putting it in terms of an annual cost that you would divide
down to a daily cost. After the trial
period Juuse
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 , the cost works out to be less than $1.00 a day
(small bag of french fries, can of pop, etc) and you can have a complete course
that will get you motivated to become a real estate investor by providing
techniques that can easily be implemented by most anyone.

This product review is the opinion of one of the staff members of and does not represent the
opinion of .

About The Author

provides a resource for articles, products and services to help you get motivated to take action and succeed in
the areas of personal finance, your business and enhance your physical fitness
and health. Our site provides product
reviews Mikael
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 , informational articles, useful tools & a
monthly newsletter service. Remember ? Dreams will determine what you want in
life, Actions will determine what you get in life. Take Action Today and check
out all the information available at .

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 , and is no more than three months old. The head of
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