What You Should Know Before Starting Trading Cryptocurrency?

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By now you already know all the basic details about cryptocurrency trading. Of course, you still have lots to learn but you already have a foundation and can start your voyage to new experiences! If you still ask yourself how to make money trading cryptocurrency we are ready to give you more details. Fasten your seat belts, because we are about to take off!
The first and probably the most important thing you should remember (and print it out to place on your work desk) is that the crypto market is extremely unstable. You can make huge profits in a second and a few moments later lose it all. And it doesn’t matter whether you are trading well-known coins like Bitcoin or any other currencies. That’s why before you start cryptocurrency trading it is better to learn how to lower your risks, how hedging works and what the right timing is. Keep in mind that crypto exchange is not a division of a common stock exchange and it has its own laws and features.
We can suggest using Coinbase exchange or Coinbase Pro (which has lower fees). However, not depending on the exchange you choose, remember that it is not Wall Street with common mechanisms and different specifics.  If you are new to trading cryptocurrency, you may want to try out stock trading on various stock markets. For example, GBTC trust owns Bitcoin and sells its shares. Thus you won’t have to trade cryptocurrency directly but will have a chance to learn more about Bitcoin and will find new ways of making profits. There are many cryptocurrency trading reddit topics, so you can do some research and find the most preferable strategies.
For newbies of cryptocurrency trading, using Square Cash App or Robinhood may also be a great option. The Square Cash App allows buying and selling bitcoin, and you can send it to a wallet outside the system. This means that you won’t have to master all peculiarities of trading, won’t have to choose your own cryptocurrency trading strategy and won’t need to understand how exchanges and wallets operate. Robinhood has the same logic as The Square but selection of coins is more impressive and they are working on granting transfers. These platforms are rather decent and can be a great starting point for mastering crypto trading.
Posted 22 Jan 2020

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