Which pet is best to have?

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Which pet is best to have? I would like to have less problems with my pet
Posted 24 Jan 2020

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Posted 24 Jan 2020

illina says
I have a dog. She is an Australian Kelpie, named Bindi. She came to me with that name, named after Bindi Irwin who is an Australian who has a TV show for children.I also have 3 cats, all rescues, named Shadow, Tiger, and Lucy. Lucy is 15, Shadow is 11, and Tiger is 5. We live in the desert, so the cats are now inside cats, as we have coyotes and foxes in our immediate neighborhood. In Sacramento, the kitties got to go outside immediately after breakfast, and came in within an hour or two. Tiger, especially would like to go outside, but I can’t trust him not to explore in places besides our backyard, so they all stay inside. Lucy and Shadow don’t seem to mind at all.I am happy with my pets. I wish for no other pets. They are all sweet, and I care for them with my heart.
Posted 24 Jan 2020

kreyss says
I have no animals and no problems.
Posted 24 Jan 2020

lotta says
I have a dog, but you need to be ready to go out with your friend. If you don't want to do it cat is the best variant for you.
Posted 25 Jan 2020

salan says

I advise you to get a dog. True, there may be a problem with an unpleasant smell from the mouth of your pet. But this problem is completely solvable. Especially if your pet does not have a genetic predisposition, then up to a year your dog is unlikely to have dental problems. But in order to avoid the appearance of plaque, tartar, an unpleasant odor from the mouth of a pet, it is necessary to monitor the dog’s nutrition and hygiene procedures (brushing your teeth). You will find more information on https://petonbed.com/regular-dental-care-tips-for-dogs/ By the way, on this resource you can also get acquainted with other useful information, for example, about dog training or how to choose a collar.

Posted 25 Jan 2020

luanda says

pretty interesting information about dog collars. I also thought about this problem.

Posted 26 Jan 2020

jomites says
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Posted 25 Feb 2020

99Andrew99 says
I have a labrador who is two years old. Recently bought painless dog nail grinder
Posted 03 Mar 2020

johnsmith8 says
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Posted 06 Mar 2020

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Posted 10 Mar 2020

johnsmith8 says
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Posted 17 Mar 2020

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Posted 09 Dec 2020

lizbee says
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Posted 10 Dec 2020

anna1212 says
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Posted 25 Oct 2021

Rose_Dark says
Definitely a dog. They're so loving and it's easier to become more active walking with your dog
Posted 07 Nov 2021

Posted 10 Nov 2022

The best pet for me is definitely labrador retrievers. Soil Testing Indianapolis they are easy to teach and very loyal. they are the most family friendly of all.
Posted 25 Nov 2022

I would suggest cat it just behave but there is a chance that it is hard to command because cats likes to do their stuff on their own on the other hand dogs can be train to listen to your commands but they also sometimes hard to control Leaf guard Springfield IL
Posted 23 Dec 2022

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