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I got severely in debt at some point in my life and now my credit score is just awful. How hard it is to recover it to a decent level? I am not educated much when it comes to financial topics so a quick explanation would really help me.
Posted 29 Jan 2020

You should get a financial consultation.
Posted 31 Jan 2020

OlmanGun says
If you need some money urgently then you should look for banks which work with bad credit history. There are plenty of them. And also read reviews on credit cards, banks, and such things beforehand if you don't know enough about it. Just look at this review on one visa card. You will find there much helpful information.
Posted 31 Jan 2020

Lirena says
We deal with and provide assistance when such difficulties arise. We will help you pay off the loan if its amount is at least 10 thousand. In addition to this, we promise to reduce the debt by up to 70%. Contact us. We use debt relief programs We have been on the economic market for several years.
Posted 04 Sep 2020

maxfox says
Financial problems are bad in that you need to try to solve them as soon as possible. And if this does not work, then seek help from specialists.
Posted 04 Sep 2020

neha1990 says
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Posted 12 Nov 2020

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