5 Top Tips On Making Exhibition stall designerand Trade Show Displays Successful

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1. The KISS method
The ideology behind this method is to keep everything simple, your booth in general and all your graphics in particular. Making is easy for people to understand your message is vital for the success of your Exhibition stall designer . With the magnitude and quantity of promotional messages that people are exposed to at such events, if they take too long to understand complicated messages about what you are selling or promoting, they are likely to move on to the next stall.
2. Attention grabber
You can initiate a contest, a free giveaway or a raffle. 'Win a free iPhone!' Everyone will definitely stop and look, because we all want to win prizes. A plan like this does not have to cost much, but it has to be something important enough to attract visitors to your exhibition stands.
3. Get information
The most valuable take home for you, as a trade show participant, is the contact information of potential clients. You would be surprised at the number of companies that spend large amounts of money on trade show participation, and depend on the visitors to take their product information, while forgetting to do the opposite. There are numerous modern ways of collecting data, such as badge scanners, iPad apps, business card raffles, and many others. Use your booth design and exhibits wisely, and don't let anyone who gets attracted by these display tools and stops at your booth, to leave without giving you their contact information.
4. Communicate happiness
Although this has nothing to do with your trade show display, your giveaways or your products, simply giving every visitor a smile as they stop at your booth, or even as they pass by it, is a positive activity. The secret is to have a happy smile on the face of each person at your booth right till the end of the event. A trade show is always the most crowded towards the conclusion of the event. When everyone else is tired, packing up and ready to leave, give a few more minutes to those few last minute visitors and your simple gesture will get you a new customer.
5. Follow upon leads
Delays in follow-up are by far the biggest hindrance in trade show success. Most people do their follow-up procedure too late or don't follow up on their leads at all. You must send an email to thank the potential clients within 24 to 48 hours after the event. An even better strategy is to send the email the same night that the trade show takes place, and then follow up approximately a week later. Set up a system to keep track of the communication to and from these new leads and be diligent in continuing the follow-up.
Following these five tips can guarantee an improved return on your investment on the exhibits but if in doubt, always consult with an experienced exhibition stand designer.
Posted 31 Jan 2020

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