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The shutter slats of the West Pier Plantation shutters come in four sizes: 64mm, 76mm, 89mm, and 114mm. The size of the slats will have a significant impact on the look and function of your

indoor blinds.
But they also affect how big a frame you need to install external shutters. The frame also needs to be deep enough to keep the blinds far enough from the window, so
Any handle has proper clearance.
How far do you want to put your interior frame in the recess of the window?
Indoor blinds can be installed so that when they are closed, there is a smooth plane and wall surrounding the window. They can also be placed between walls and windows
Or very close to the window.
When making this decision, be sure to take into account any window handles and other window hardware.
When measuring, pay attention to placing the frame cuts at the appropriate depth. The size of the window notches can vary at different depths, enough to affect your
The blinds should be.
Special tips for cafe or floor to floor blind measurement
In some cases, you may not want to use a full-height shutter for your window. Cafe shutters and layer-by-layer shutters are a great solution for these windows.
The important thing to keep in mind when measuring these configurations is that you want the shutter at the bottom to cover any middle portion of the horizontally divided window. this

For cafe shutters, what you want to measure is that the top of the shutter is at or slightly above the top of the railing in the middle of the window.
For layer-by-layer blinds, you will take measurements so that the blinds are separated at or just above the same track.
More about why you choose a cafe or a layer of shutters can be found in their separate guide.
How about measuring the middle track on a full-height shutter?
For tall windows or when you order internal shutters to cover the door, the middle rung is an additional horizontal solid panel of the shutter panel, adding visual interest and
Stability of plantation shutters.
The measurements you enter for these intermediate tracks determine the position of the middle section relative to the shutter height.
We are always happy to answer questions and guide you in decisions such as where to place the middle track. Because this is not always an obvious decision, many customers will ask us
Suggestions for this part of their plantation shutters project.
Things to avoid when measuring plantation shutters
This is indeed a simple process, but there are some potential errors to be aware of.
Don't guess
We need you to measure three times in each direction. Even if the first two are the same, it cannot be assumed that the third one will be the same.
The same applies to windowsills. Each part of the window sill needs to be measured individually, as if it were its own window.
In addition to determining whether a window frame has shifted from a square over time, taking three measurements is also a great way to repeatedly check whether what you see is accurate. In

other aspects
Then, it is much more difficult to make the same mistake three times.
Don't measure until you decide the framework you need
There are some important differences between the frame options, especially internal and external mounting frames. If you change your mind after measuring (or realize your window
Another type is required when measuring), you may need to go back and measure again.
Before you know what size frame you need, you have to choose the width of the slat. If you decide on a different Louvre size after measuring, keep this relationship in mind.
Don't rush to work
Measuring plantation shutters is easy and doesn't take much time, but it's important to give it your full attention. If you know you're ready to order, it's best
Measure directly before ordering through the website.
Also, before taking measurements, remove houseplants, books and furniture from the window frame. It's easy to think you can measure the distance around them, but centimeters really matter
Find the perfect spot for your plantation shutters.
Don't think
Treat each window separately. Never think that two windows look the same as their size. The house will change over time and you want to make sure you get the perfect
Fits every window.
Also, pay careful attention to the length of the handle and whether it opens each window individually or individually.
Don't hesitate to ask questions
No stupid questions. If in doubt, just ask. Our team members are always happy to help customers solve the problem of internal blind measurement.
If you find it difficult to describe the trouble you are experiencing, you can always send us a picture of the window and we will take you through the process.
Fun measuring your plantation shutters
Now that we've covered the details of how to measure plantation shutters, the only thing left to say is that this should be an interesting thing. Must pay attention to details
But this is one of the simplest and most direct parts of the plantation shutters project.
please remember:
You should be careful to lay the tape measure as flat as possible and put it in the middle to prevent it from sagging.
It is important to measure 3 times in each direction of all windows.
Use a suitable frame cut and include paper cuts in the measurement.
Now that you are ready to accurately measure the shutters of the plantation, it is time to contact us so we can start your project.

Posted 05 Feb 2020

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