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Best Salt Nic E Juice 2019Nicotine Salts is a purer or newer form of nicotine also used in e-liquid. By making a compound utilizing different components, (for example, benzoic corrosive) to build the alkalinity, nicotine salts e-liquidoffers a much smoother vaping experience.

By having a higher nicotine strength (as found in most salt nicotine e-liquid), new vapers get satisfaction what they are searching for, simply that bit snappier and without an enormous measure of throat hit related to high nicotine vape experience.

Since mid-2018, mouth to lung vape kits and pod vape kits began to flood the market which expanded the ubiquity of nicotine salts. By having a relatively smaller vape kit with higher nicotine e-liquid, individuals can fulfil the nicotine craving in a much affordable way when they would prefer not to carry around a full double battery high power, heavy vape mods around in their pockets.

What are the best salt nicotine e liquids in the UK?
We have compiled a list of some of the best salt nice vape juice brands so you don’t have to, simply pick one and enjoy. Dinner Lady Nic Salts Since they introduced their first e Liquids in 2016, Dinner Lady kept on developing into the colossally famous brand that they are currently. In 2018, they entered the nicotine salt market by releasing salt nice juice renditions of their effectively well-known e juices.

With a scope of a couple of best flavours, Dinner Lady has decided to release their most well-known flavours first, since then they have released many more! With an alternate blend proportion from their Shortfill e-liquid runs, these nicotine salts are 50VG 50PG which will give the best performance from any of your preferred mouths to lung kit or pod kit.

What Dinner Lady Nic Salt flavours are available?

Dinner Lady Lemon Tart
Dinner Lady Blackberry Crumble
Dinner Lady Cola Shades
Dinner Lady Cola Shades
Dinner Lady Berry Blast
Dinner Lady Bubblegum
Dinner Lady Purple Rain
Dinner Lady Watermelon Slices

What’s the best Dinner Lady Nic Salt eLiquid?

We don’t figure you can turn out badly with the first(and in our eyes, the best)?—?Dinner Lady Lemon Tart is our staff’s pick from this range.

Doozy Vape Nic Salts Another renowned British brand, Doozy Vape Co began life in 2014 with their one of kind flavour manifestations. Following the market, in 2018 they additionally produced their own line of NicotineSalts juice by uniting some all-new flavours to their image. With a bigger selection of flavours, this range traverses a few flavour profiles to carry more to the table for various people groups tastes; be it fruits, dessert, menthol or great tobacco.

What Doozy Vape Nicotine Salt flavours are accessible?

Doozy Vape Co Apple and Mango
Doozy Vape Co Caramel Tobacco
Doozy Vape Co Fizzy Lemon
Doozy Vape Co Frozen Berries
Doozy Vape Co Vanilla Custard
What’s the best Doozy Vape Nic Salt eLiquid?

We love Doozy Vape Co Frozen Berries?—?an extraordinary organic product enhances with a liberal causing of menthol to chill you off in the late spring warmth.

Wick Liquor Nic Salts
Wick Liquor is another phenomenal UK based company, who highly esteem offering boutique premium e-liquid seasons directly from the core of Staffordshire.

Concentrating on progressively complex flavours, WickLiquor nicotine salts are a nicotine salt adaptation of their whole line of flavours that are likewise offered in shortfall e-liquid bottles.

What Wick Liquor Nicotine Salt flavours are accessible?

Wick Liquor Boulevard
Wick Liquor Boulevard Shattered
Wick Liquor Carnival
Wick Liquor Contra
Wick Liquor Deja Voodoo
Wick Liquor Panama Lounge Racer
Wick Liquor Panama Lounge Delta
What’s the best Wick Liquor Nic Salt eLiquid?

Our pick is Wick Liquor Nic Salts Boulevard, a loganberry fruit juice blend. It tastes precise how we envision summer!

Double Drip Nic Salts Double Drip is (once more!) another UK based company, they have released some of their nicotine salts in the course of recent months. Their many well-known short fill e-liquid seasons as nicotine salts with a refreshed proportion to give the best execution from your nicotine salt vape device.

With mainstream English treats, desserts and organic product blends, these salt nice juices are quintessentially British in their underlying foundations and don’t neglect to convey. 

What Double Drip Nicotine Salt flavours are accessible?

Double Drip Bakewell Tart
Double Drip Crystal Mist
Double Drip Lemon Sherbet
Double Drip Mango Raspberry Ice Cream
Double Drip Menthol Mist
Double Drip Raspberry Sherbet
Double Drip Super Berry Sherbet
What’s the best Double Drip Nic Salt eLiquid?

Double Drip Crystal Mist is our pick here, an incredible menthol mix with blue raspberry and dark cherry to fulfil the foods are grown from the ground darlings.

MomoNic Salts Momo e-liquid first presented their vape juice line in 2017 and have since kept on including more flavours that have gotten outstanding praise. Similarly, as with the entirety of different brands, they presented their nicotine salts in 2018.

Keeping their mark marking style, their best salt nic vape juice does stand apart as being all around structured and having a fascinating flavour profile blending components from most loved flavours to make the ideal mix. 

What Momo Nicotine Salt flavours are accessible?

Momo Salt Caramel Tobacco
Momo Salt Elderpomme
Momo Salt Mangonut
Momo Salt Pinkberry

What’s the best MomoNic Salt eLiquid?

We pick Momo Salt Mangonut as our kind of decision from this brand, a fragile equalization of Mango and Coconut, reminding on those occasions in the sun.


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