Only Analyse Hands from Point of Decision Poker

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One major results-oriented trap that snags many an aspiring poker player is the urge to use information gained at showdown to criticise or endorse a decision you made before showdown ww88 .
“If I had just bet bigger on the turn, he might have folded that hand and not rivered the set. I always do this to myself!”
“Aha he had a bluff. That means my rage-call was fine after all.”

“It was so obvious. Of course, he had the straight. What a dumb call.”
These thought-process are all using non-existent information to assess the quality of decision-making w88 mobile .
You want Villain to call a turn bet with an underpair to your top pair. If he rivers a set sometimes, well, too bad, but in the long-term this will hardly ever happen.
Calling due to anger is not justifiable by the fact that you ran into a bluff this one time. If you lose more often than your pot odds allow, then calling is burning money and you need to work on your mental-game.
If it was so obvious that he had the straight, you wouldn’t have called. What was the evidence you had at the time and should your hand be a fold against the average player in the pool keno w88 ?
It is vital that we catch ourselves in the act of these results-obsessed thought processes and correct them before they train us to become fickle, results-mad players.
5. Make Peace with Your Choices Before Pressing the Button
Before you press the button, try to believe that the choice you are about to make is the one that follows from using your current skill set to its fullest potential. You might lose this time, but that does not devalue the decision to call. You might make a mistake by calling, but that is not your fault if you applied your technical skills to the best of your ability. It is much easier not to let results skew your assessment of your play, if you can feel confident and act with conviction. If you are full of worry and doubt as you go to make a bet, it will be very natural to berate your choice if that bet doesn’t work out this time. Even if you feel lost or unsure, try stating: ‘this is my best guess at what to do here. I can analyse the hand fully later’.
Posted 14 Feb 2020

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