knock down the price a bit for the cost of the repairs

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Bungalows Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , which are independent dwellings which can be one to three storeys high (depending on the zoning & height control), are an
excellent choice for housing in Singapore. However, because of the scarcity of
space, most people have to make do with condominiums or apartments Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping , so a bungalow can be a luxury in such a city.

If you’re thinking of buying bungalow in Singapore, whether it’s ordinary or GCB’s (good class bungalows), here are certain suggestions and tips that you
need to ponder upon and keep in mind:

1. Budget for buying bungalows

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is your budget. If you can manager or arrange your own fund, that’s well and good but there are certain
options like bank loans as well. Most banks in Singapore provide property loans
to facilitate buying bungalows in Singapore. It’s advisable to shop around for
the best terms & interest rates.

2. Are you eligible to buy bungalow?

If you are a foreigner or PR (permanent resident) Cheap Jerseys From China , you need to seek approval from Singapore Land Authority before making any purchases. If you presently own a new HDB flat or you have
purchased a resale HDB flat using a CPF housing top up grantexisting scheme,
then you are not eligible to purchase any property within 5 years from the date
you completed the HDB Purchase.

3. Engaging Real Estate Agents

You’ll want to find a good agent to help facilitate your purchase. A good and loyal agent can certainly help you to find an ideal property. It is a matter of
choice if you choose one agent or more to help you, but make sure they are
properly licensed. Try to get some recommendations from other people and do your
due diligence by calling up references.

4. Get an overview of the market

After you decide on buying bungalow for your own or for investment, you need to have an understanding of the market. If you have to stay in the
bungalow Cheap Jerseys China , than quality of living matters; and if it’s for investment then find out if you’ll be able to get a good ROI or if you can sell it for a
good price later on.

5. Go to bungalow site visits and negotiations

Take your own time to check out the bungalow being offered. It’s good to try to build a good rapport with the sellerlandlords who own the bungalows. Don’t
make outwardly negative comments, but keep any criticisms in mind for future
negotiations. For example, if you think the roof needs repair, you can take a
note of it and bring it up with the seller later on – ask them to make the
repairs or knock down the price a bit for the cost of the repairs.

6. Check out nearby amenities

See if you have enough basic amenities like school Cheap Jerseys , gymnasium, bus stop, sports complex, clinic Wholesale NFL Jerseys , parks, library etc. That would help you to evaluate the worth of the property and help you make a decision.

Buying a bungalow, or any property for that matter, isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. You must do your due diligence and do the legwork so you can
purchase the property of your dreams (at the right price!).

AC MacGyver is a real estate agency in Singapore Wholesale Jerseys China , specializing in landed properties & good class bungalows for sale. Contact us for real estate careers or real estate

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