Cast and Marriage

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Salaam....well this topic is about marriage and how different casts prefer not to give and take rishte from people from "Inferior" casts, I myself think that this is a load of rubbish, you should be able to marry whoever you want regardless of what their ancestors did.

A friend of mine was seeing this guy, they went out for a long time, my friends family were a bit strict, their relationship was a secret for some time, they decided they wanted to marry, but her parents did not want her marrying this guy...why? because his cast was inferior, she was some sort of raja and he was some...erm i dunno how to pronounce it so i'll leave to "he was of inferior cast" people of higher cast tend to look down on others of lower cast, this is condemning that people in this century still belive in casts, and still look at a persons cast before getting their children married. Well, she can no longer see him, and her parents are looking for a "higher cast" husband for her. So what do you guys think?
Posted 04 Jun 2005

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