The Elder Scrolls Online: the Dark Heart of Skyrim Adventure is heading in February

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Are you an Elder Scrolls Online player who expects for the snowy peaks of Skyrim? Then you are in luck. The Elder Scrolls Online has grown from yet another online game that struggled to find its footing to a satisfying in nearly six years of activity. The one ESO adventure is called The Dark Heart of Skyrim and takes place in the famed Tamriel province. Something evil is going on in Blackreach and, as usual, adventurers are called to arms. Just as the Season of the Dragon ended, a new adventure begins. Clear your schedule and be on the lookout for a new DLC coming in February.

The Skyrim of ESO isn't exactly the same as it was in the previous game. While familiar places like Solitude, Dragon Bridge, and Morthal are back, the entire region has been corrupted by the influence of vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural forces, which gives it more of a gothic and macabre aesthetic. My first experience with The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim found me stepping out of a pastoral village for the first time to inspect a nearby ruin. And everyone who booted up the game got jumped by a dragon in a scripted encounter.

There are four important updates surrounding the dark core of Skyrim this season. The first two models, Harrowstorm and Greymoor, will be available at launch. Harrowstorm DLC in ESO introduces two new four-player instances in the form of Icereach and unhalgrave to open the year-long Darkheart storyline in Skyrim, while also introducing new achievements, collectibles and equipment .Greymore's task line is the most important form of content and the main task line of skyline. Greymoor Chapter brings new world events and gameplay systems. According to Bethesda, greymore's story will be the darkest in the series, revealing the dark side of the earth in skyrim and why it attracts so many supernatural forces. Later in 2020, there will be two updates focused on additional stories and dungeons, which will end the dark core of skyline.

One return place that players can explore is Blackreach, the large underground tunnel in The Elder Scrolls 5. Most of the players' favorite part of all of Skyrim (TES V) was Blackreach. Imagining the giant underground cave as being a zone with a social space located in the center under the artificial sun, it was so magical, mysterious and entrancing. Also in Skyrim you have to go down a huge ruin, into a Dwarven tunnel of ruins, continuing hundreds if not thousands of feet below the surface to get the Blackreach. A new additional activity is the antique system, allowing players to find lost artifacts from around the world to enhance their characters and while exploring Skyrim, you can also participate in Harrowstorm world ’s Events where you and your team will fight waves of enemies.

There is no doubt that the most striking thing about this upcoming season is the return to Skyrim. Elder Scrolls 5 was released 9 years ago and is still one of Bethesda's favorite games, so exploring the area in MMO is a funnest way to relive the legends and images of the area. TESO’s currently a competent but largely typical MMO with a few interesting buds that could blossom into something far more unique. Here’s hoping it manages to really soar, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see. For those who want to play ESO for the first time, you can even create a new character in Skyrim that lets you explore the land from the beginning.

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