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This is one of the rules that makes the game look a bit complicated. However, in general, you will understand once you start actually playing. These rules are already defaulted. But they will help you understand why you won or lost. Whether or not the Dealer draws a card, it is determined according to the first 2 cards the house has received below poker online w88 .
If the Banker receives 7, 8, or 9 points: neither the Banker nor the Banker draws a card
If the Banker receives 6 points - the third card of the House is 6, 7: The house draws a card

If the Dealer receives 5 points - the third card of the Player is 4, 5, 6, 7: the Dealer pulls the card
If the house receives 4 points - the third card of the house is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7: the house w88 line
If the Dealer receives 3 points - the third card of the Player is 0, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9: the dealer must draw.
If the house receives a 0, 2 points: the house and the house both draw cards.
Some rules when playing Baccarat are easy to win
Rule baccarat eat enough
Normally the game interface will default to baccarat to eat enough. However, you can switch to playing classic baccarat by pressing the on button. The rules of playing between the two types of baccarat are basically the same. However, there is a difference. The baccarat will eat enough water. When the house wins against the house with 6 points, the rate of food here will be only 50%. When playing with enough food, the layout will have a new betting option that is Super 6.
Rules of Dragon and Dragon w88 casino
This rule is very simple. In general, when betting on these two boxes, the dealer or the house that has to win against the standard card is considered a safe bet. The rate of the dragon and the dragon is based on the situation of the game to calculate. This all depends on the score of the remaining bunch. The highest payout ratio is 1 to 30, which is a 3000% bet on that position. In this betting position, the system will not collect your water bill. When betting on a Dragon or Chinese Dragon and guarantee one of the following conditions, win:
If the bet is long and the winner does not rely on the standard card, it must be 4 or more points on the other hand.
If there is an 8-point or 9-point standard practice, the ratio is 1 to 1
If the long-term bet partner loses, draws or wins with a score below 3, the bet loses. But if both sides have 8 or 9 points then the draw and return the bet.
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