Studio apartments: Reasonable choice for working professionals

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Studio apartment definition: many of us are unable to distinguish between a 1 BHK and a studio apartment. The main difference between the two is that a studio apartment is a single room with an open kitchenette and a separate bathroom, but a one-bedroom apartment has a separate bedroom, a living room and a separate bathroom kitchen. Often known as a "bachelor apartment" is a studio apartment, and it cannot be more spacious than a 1BHK apartment.
Studio apartments have their own special benefits and drawbacks and are far more affordable than conventional apartments. Apart from the cheap price or rent, Studio apartments are considered to have lower charges than any other standard apartments. That is because the studios are smaller and more effective.Studio apartments comes with only inconvenience of having limited space. So, if you want to store many of your items, you must be extremely creative in storing your stuff.
The demand for affordable living space has been increasing rapidly especially in metropolitan cities, leading to the popularization of the concept of the Studio apartments in Greater Noida. While this style of living has been popular in the West, it also rapidly catches up in other parts of India.
But the idea also gradually gained traction in cities of tier 2, due to the increasing number of employees of IT / ITES. Many well-known real estate developers like Paramount Group have begun to create studios apartments in Greater Noida to meet the needs of IT professionals.
Today, the studio apartments are not limited to a smaller area. Nowadays singles or newlywed couples are searching for spacious, affordable studio apartments that range from 500 sq. ft. to 1.200 sq. Ft. 
Is a small studio apartment safer investment?In the metro cities like Delhi and NCR regions like Noida and Greater Noida, as well as Tier 2 towns, demand for studio apartments is growing and the majority of working professionals in these areas prefer studio apartments in Greater Noida? because it is the cheapest residential option for bachelors.

How is studio flat a viable choice?Studio housing in India is a brand-new idea launched only a few years ago. For many professionals in India, these apartments became a rational choice for the following reasons.
Space Efficiency:Studio apartments leave open space to be updated to suit our requirements. In the middle of three walls and an entering path, the kitchen is different from your typical kitchen. The dining and living area can be a combination of eating, work and research areas.
Affordable homes: The affordability of studio apartments drives young people who start their career in underground towns to work well. Alternatively, buyers consider investing in the studio apartments simple instead of paying Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 for a one-bedroom apartment on a rental basis. The EMI will substitute a deposit, and registration fees are lower than capital prices.
Future asset: You should look for a larger apartment as your income and family grows. Unless, though, you did not invest too much in the studio, this will provide you with a potential asset and will also be able to raise rents.
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