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I was thinking of the days that I had rested and I was living comfortably, but Dan-sensei told me to take an unexpected test. Which we tend to look at the exam Think of it as something that must be found already in the school fence And everyone hates taking exams But we can improve our learning methods to avoid these panic.
Consider the course. Think about when to take the exam and how much grade should be taken. Then write those dates on your calendar or planner so you'll know when it's
Plan for watching the course at least 1 week before the start of each exam, which should be done in multiple sub-sections. Which is better than compressing everything intently in the classroom. It may seem like a brainless person, but to really do this And helps a lot when doing exams And do not fall into the trap of thinking that "remember" those knowledge But changed into a more enthusiastic learner than listening attentively, because all the professors often hinted like "The most important thing about this topic is ..." or maybe focus on words or topics And this will be the key to taking the exam well Which the more information we can absorb The less you study Easy trick. Click slot
Posted 30 Mar 2020

AnSnow47 says
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