Today, digital camera usage is declining.

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Today, digital camera usage is declining.
Important because nowadays mobile phones
There is a development of cameras that are closer to digital cameras.
And another is a mobile phone, easy to carry And easy to use
And if comparing the prices, should have a camera of similar quality in the price
Equally, but mobile phones are not just photography, so it's a selling point.
Of mobile phones today that camera developers compete for some
Digital cameras may disappear, such as old cameras that use film.
Posted 09 Apr 2020

Hi) I totally agree with you. But I think that in offices, cafes, restaurants, casinos, etc. Do not stop using digital cameras. Also many more bloggers use digital cameras. For example, I still use it when shooting my streams. Yesterday I had stream about playing in a casino online and I shared a link to bonuses when playing It’s just that the world is changing, and so are we.
Posted 17 Jun 2020

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