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i spoke with both reema and lucman recently and it looks like there will be a big clash between the films.

reema is looking forward to release her film on 12th august while lucman is looing at last week july or first week august.

while syed noors majana has been delayed to eid, to avoid clash.

this will be a big clash between ppp and koi tujhsa kaha.

lucman has decided to promote his film very aggresivly and has said no other film has been promoted this way before, first time in pak histroy music release of a film was covered by newspapers and press, lucman has decided to use really big billboards and put them all over pak, he is also gona use electric billboards and posters first time in pak. there will merchandise of the film available is well, also first time in pak histroy.

while reema has not started promoting yet but is also saying it will be extremly aggresive and music should be releasing shortly, i also told her to make a website but she said she doesnt need one. watch out in few days for music to release.

reema has described PPP as a very good heart touching film, while lucman describes KTK as a really nice and beautiful film.

both are love storys and films to watch with the family, lucman has invested heavily in the script while reema has invested heavily in cosmetics.

Posted 17 Jun 2005

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