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No one appreciates mothers enough. In this life Cal Ripken Youth Jersey , that's a given. The only one who comes closest to a real appreciation is a woman who has become a mother herself, and even she probably
doesn't fully appreciate the woman a generation above her.

Where did I come to this conclusion? Sitting in a church pew as the priest extolled the
virtues of "Keeping Holy the Sabbath." In the sermon he specifically forbade the
parishioners from mowing the lawn, fixing up the house, or doing paperwork on
Sundays. He said (and I quote), "Sundays should be a day of rest in which the
whole family gathers around the table for Sunday dinner."

Now, during my pre-motherhood days, this sounded like a great idea. You go to church Brooks Robinson Youth Jersey , come home, watch some football on television, then go in and gather around the table for a full Sunday dinner, bow
your heads, and have yourself "a day of rest." Notice I said "during my
pre-motherhood days."

Throughout my motherhood days, however (which for those of you who don't know that means roughly from the day you give birth until
the child buries you), a more accurate picture of "Sunday dinner" is

You've managed to get the kids bathed Eddie Murray Womens Jersey , dressed, and in the car with only a shoe missing and one coat on upside down. You get to church and sincerely ask the Almighty to
just get you through the parking lot and to a pew before your knees or shoulder
gives out from the strain of dragging in the full diaper bag, two sippy cups, an
extra blanket and the 20-pound toddler who's squirming to get out of your arms.
You make it through the service with the toddler C-THUNKING on the pew ahead of
you enough times to be stared at twice by your fellow parishioners only to make
it back home in time for your husband to turn on the game and your kids to
started yelling about who did what to whom.

In the midst of minor chaos, you whip something out of the refrigerator, wondering how long it's been in
there and if anybody will notice it's been microwaved once it gets to the table.
With the toddler clinging to your knees, you manage to put together a somewhat
respectable meal-even if it does include chicken nuggets and French

Wishing you had earplugs to drown out the crying of the toddler and the yelling of the others Jim Palmer Womens Jersey , you get the plates on the table and call everyone to the table for "Sunday dinner." As you referee the current dispute about if
one child said they didn't like peas or not the last time, you do manage to get
in a few bites before someone thinks of something you forgot? A serving spoon,
salt, a fork, water?

A blink and the meal is over. If you're lucky, you will get a "Thanks, Honey" from your husband just before he goes back to the
chair for an afternoon nap. Then Frank Robinson Womens Jersey , I invite you, as you look around at the table strewn with dishes and pans, glasses and silverware, close your eyes, take
a deep breath, and say a genuine prayer of thanksgiving for your

I think that may be why God put the "Honoring Your Father and Mother" Commandment just after the "Keep Holy the Sabbath Day" one-because He
already knew about Sunday dinner.

Tired? Stressed out? Ready to give up? Don't. There's more to life than striving to outdo the Jones! If you're ready
for a break (or just really need a friend who can share a little sanity with
you), visit Staci has stories Roberto Alomar Womens Jersey , articles, quotes, a monthly newsletter, and even a free book waiting just for you! Come on over and see for yourself. You'll
feel better for the experience! It was 7:30 on a Saturday morning, and I was
setting up to do the opening keynote for the conference. For some reason--I have
no idea why--the sound man thought his ten year old daughter would enjoy my
presentation. He'd brought her with him to work.

Watching her father wiring this and plugging in that, the girl was soon as bored as only a ten year
old can be. Eventually, she sauntered over to me.

"So who are you?" she demanded.

"I'm Barry Maher."

Overwhelmingly unimpressed Earl Weaver Womens Jersey , she asked, "And who the heck is Barry Maher?"

"I'm the speaker."

"Is that a big deal?"

I laughed. "Not apparently to you."

"Not if all you do is speak. Everyone speaks. Even my little brother speaks, and he's an idiot." Sighing dismissively, she
spun and walked away, in search of something--anything--more

"And who are you?" I don't want to get particularly philosophical here, but obviously that's the most basic question we all

So who are you? Aside from being CEO of Amalgamated Amalgates, that is. If your self worth is dependent upon your work Mark Trumbo Womens Jersey , I would suspect you might be heading for a fall, sooner or--at the very least--later, when retirement comes. There's more to you
than what you do for a living. Or at least there should be.

I'm not my job and neither are you. No matter how successful or how unsuccessful we might
be at those jobs. We all know some big career successes who are very
unsuccessful people. And some who are very unhappy. None of us should be
surprised that there are some very successful and very happy people--great
friends, loving spouses, wonderful role models for their children--who have
never cashed a big paycheck.

"His picture hangs on every wall," one self- described peon said of the company's chairman of the board. "His name is invoked
in reverential tones. But aside from making himself very rich, what does he
really do for the world? Besides making it safe for one more set of
unnecessary Joey Rickard Womens Jersey , environmentally devastating, energy wasting products."

"He's helping to perpetuate a lot of jobs," I answered. "Yours included."

"He is. But judging by the happiness the people around here seem to be getting from those jobs, they may not be eulogizing him at his
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Posted 05 May 2020

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