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Context factors contributing to job satisfaction of employees
What are context factors of job satisfaction?

How a work is executed or the processes of accomplishing the work by the employees or the factors which are not controllable by the individuals are
termed as context factor.
We hear that attrition in ITES Information Technology Enabled Services is due to working in the late hours or in night
shift or health issues which intern contributes to change of jobs by
Actually more factors than these are contributing to job satisfaction of employees.
Let see some of them.

Child Care Units

There is definite need for companies to adjust working conditions to the needs of skilled employees. Organizations use benefits such as flexible
schedule Cheap NFL Jerseys , possible leaves of absence, work at home and part time arrangements, as well as offer assistance in obtaining high quality child care.
Introduction of child care units are beneficial for both employees and the
organizations themselves, as women get an opportunity to feel more secure about
their child  safety Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , whereas the organization increases own productivity, employees job satisfaction and as a consequence customer loyalty.

Work Life Balance

Organizations such as ITES Information Technology Enabled Services can come up with programs and policies that help their employees balance work and family
responsibilities. Requirements have grown substantially during the past five
years and are expected to continue increasing.
Employee assistance programs offer workers with pressing personal problems an opportunity to get the
counseling that might help them resolve their issues. Preferably the employer
contracts with an outside agency to provide the service.


Stress mainly depends on physical, emotional, or overloaded work that causes mental or physical tension. It has to be managed properly otherwise may result
in anxiety Cheap Wholesale Jerseys , tension, loss of concentration, anger, sleep disturbances Cheap Authentic Jerseys , headaches, mild to severe bouts of depression and lack of interest in food or increased appetite. organization do provide some of the
stress relief facilities like stress relief music, gym, body massage at
Spa Cheap Jerseys Online , bubble bath, aromatherapy, yoga, and meditation in their organization premise but the effective utilization remains a question mark.

Relationship with Co-Workers

Working in a team can encourage workers to share their ideas and feel more a part of group. This motivates workers to let out shy and take upon roles in a
team and in the organization. It also gives a chance for the workers to
socialize. A good relationship with the next level manager or supervisor can
improve the employee  workplace efficiency Cheap Jerseys From China , career growth and a long-term ability to succeed.

Job Security

There are ways by which an employee can stay afloat in their job without much difficulty is by making themselves an asset to the company. Prove to the company
that they are the only employee fit for the role. In other words be dedicated to
the work come what may.
One thing that never fails is that of being a SME Subject Matter Expert. If the employees have that then no one will turn them
out. The biggest thing is that the knowledge of their trade will give them the
edge over others. Of-course they need to keep themselves updated about all the
latest updates in their line of business.

Modern Communication

Working in team is not a new phenomenon, but advances in communication technologies have drastically changed the nature of teamwork. Today, most of the
organizations rely heavily upon modern communication technologies such as mobile
apps and Video-conferencing apart from email. Traditional co-located groups are
being replaced with virtual teams, spread among many time zones and dispersed
through various nations. With teams being spread throughout large companies or
even all over the world Cheap Jerseys China , it often occurs that people who work together barely meet physically and discuss the issues face-to-face.

It is recommended that organizations pay due attention to implement and update these factors in line with the industry requirement in their
organizations and provide opportunity to their employees for effective
utilization to ensure higher level of employee job satisfaction with respect to
context factors are achieved.

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