9 easy ways to reconcile girls That men should know

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Whenever a quarrel or the guy accidentally makes her girlfriend secretly hurt. Sometimes the anger is over and over. You may have to feel stressed about reconciling your girlfriend because you can't guess how to reconcile to get angry. Today we have a simple way to reconcile the girls, suggesting that it is easy to do and certainly effective. Is there any way to try it out.
1. Say sorry for remorse and promise not to do again. When you make her angry at your own fault There is no better way than to sincerely apologize to her. Show her that you are really feeling guilty. And firmly promised that she would not repeat the same mistakes again The most important thing you will have to do as promised. Otherwise, the next fight will have a broken house for sure.
2. Try to explain the reason Absolutely do not walk away from you. The most important thing when you are angry or touchy You must never walk away from her. Even if your mouth says "I'm very angry. I don't want to see your face right now." Or whatever, it is the way to drive you away. But do you believe that if you walk away with orders She will be even more angry that you don't pay attention. Therefore, try to explain the reason to you, even if you don't listen and don't walk away from her.
3. Hug her if she starts to get angry and is rampant. For you to pull her to hug tightly. Calm her down before saying an apology in her ear Embracing is a way to convey feelings. Through body language, which she will recognize your love for and feel that you are truly remorseful And able to calm her down
4. Buy gifts If she is angry to not immediately clear you Allow you to take the time to find the gift that she wants or likes. Then brought to apologize to her again with a cute apology card Not weak to know
5. Take to eat dessert In the case of a little touchy, just still negotiate with you Make an offer to eat sweets or desserts, because most girls are especially passionate about desserts. And sweets can also help her improve mood.
6. Surprise your partner if she is angry with you This event may require a bit of investment by making a big surprise. One set impressed before apologizing to her again. As for the surprise idea, you might have to think a bit about what your girlfriend likes because it is personal preference. But be careful for fans who do not like to surprise in public Do not forget to do it shamefully. Will get angry more than before
7. Say love to her. Your sincere love can bring her anger to her back. Try holding her hand and say "Love" to her to get to know your true feelings. "Saying love" is a way to call one another and don't waste time arguing again. Because we still love each other, right?
8. Record an apology clip. It may feel a little embarrassed, but if she doesn't really come out to meet your face, try recording a clip to sing the sorry content. Or say sorry and explain the incident through the video clip and send it to her Is another good apology
9. Take to go shopping if she still talks to you. When reconcile by talking to apologize until she is weak, but still touched You then take her to shopping as you please. Guarantee that the shopping is finished, your boyfriend will have a miraculous better mood. If in doubt, ask for more information at  slotxo
Posted 15 May 2020

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