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I have a cat and I love her very much. My friends invited me to fly with them to Greece, but I doubt a little. I wouldn't want to leave my cat in a hotel for animals, but I don't know how to prepare for a trip with a pet. What should I do in advance in order to take my cat with me?  I think it would be better for my cat to come with me, but I'm not sure about that.  Maybe someone here has experience traveling with animals and can advise me what will be better for my cat?
Posted 23 May 2020

DouSun says
You can take your cat on a trip if you receive all the necessary documents from your veterinarian, but I think that a cat hotel is a good solution if you don't want to injure your cat with a long flight.
Posted 23 May 2020

Beberas says
If your vet believes that the trip will not harm your cat, then this means that you can take your pet with you on a trip. I sometimes take my dog ??for a short trip. Usually we go there by car, so our dog is always with us and he is not afraid to go in the car, so traveling for him is just an adventure. I advise you to find a pet friendly hotel in advance where you can stay with your cat. Usually hoteliers aren't against the fact that I'm with a dog, but if my dog ??hurts something in the room, I will have to pay for it or use pet insurance for this. Here in this article you will find many tips on how to simply and safely travel with your pet. I know that a vacation with my dog ??costs a little more than if I rest alone, but I don’t think that in a dog hotel my dog ??will receive the care and attention he is used to, so I think this is the best solution for me and my dog.
Posted 23 May 2020

illina says
I like cats too
Posted 26 Jul 2020

luanda says
I have a wonderful pet. Handsome Maine Coon and I always take it with me, wherever I go to rest. The Maine Coon is significantly different from other felines in its gigantic size. It has a massive fluffy head with high cheekbones and a very long mustache, and its wide ears are crowned with tassels like a lynx. Despite the developed muscles, cats are very graceful, their legs are long with shaggy "felt boots". The tail is elongated and very fluffy. Maine Coons are characterized by increased shaggy, long, thick and silky hair. As for the colors, they are very diverse: monochromatic, spotted, variegated, brindle and smoky. Despite their stern appearance, Maine Coons are very sociable and affectionate animals. They are very attached to their owners, while completely unobtrusive and calmly endure loneliness. Cats get along well with children, taking part in their active games and not showing aggression if they pull at them and pull their tails. Cats get along well with other domestic animals, with the exception of small birds and rodents. In general, my cat is a miracle!
Posted 27 Jul 2020

Arwen says
I find it a bit difficult to travel with my cat but I always make it happen. She comes everywhere with me. :) 
If you thinking about taking her make sure to wipe your countertops before you leave the house.
Posted 31 Aug 2020

burri60 says
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Posted 22 Sep 2020

Lirena says
Oh, I think it's very difficult. And painful. As well as for the owner and for the animal.
Posted 27 Sep 2020

maxfox says
I agree that there will be many difficulties on such a journey, but you just need to think and plan everything well. It is clear that it will be more comfortable for you to travel in your own transport, and not public. Therefore, if you do not have your own car, you can rent, even a cheap one. It makes no difference. How do you like. All cars Evolve are user-friendly and well maintained. So it will be calmer for you and the people who could travel with you on the train.
Posted 27 Sep 2020

If you want to travel with animals, then it is understandable that additional inconveniences will be created. And so that they do not bother you and other people, I would advise you to avoid public transport. Rent a car! Now in the 21st century, this service is popular and very safe! Refer to car czech republic A suitable car will be selected for you and you can relax and remember the journey of a lifetime.
Posted 24 Oct 2020

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