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Granite rocks, despite its solidity and cohesion andthe lack of spaces between them, it allows water to pass through very small
pores. This property makes the water falling from the sky to be stored inside
the Earth after it passes through the pores of these rocks, and without this
feature of the Earth rocks, the water will not be able to leak into distant
depths underground.
The amazing is that the Quran had referred to thesource of fresh water in the following verse: " And We sent down from the
sky water (rain) in (due) measure, and We gave it lodging in the earth, and
verily, We are Able to take it away" (18: Al Muiminun). This verse
confirms that the source of the water inside the Earth is the rain water as in
the case of groundwater which has been scientifically proven! This fact was not
known at the time of Quran revelation, so who informed the honorable Prophet
about it?
The prayer has many great psychological effects, aswhen the believer complete prayer solemnity, it will help him to concentrate
and contemplate which is the most important way for tension and nervous
exhaustion relief. Additionally, praying is an effective treatment for anger,
rashness and hastiness because it teaches the believer how to be calm and
obedient to Allah, the Exalted with patience and modesty.
These things, positively affect the neuraxis andfunctions of the heart as it regulates heartbeats and blood flow. Also praying
helps the believer to remove all the inner deposits from depression, worry,
fears, psychological emotions as they all removed as soon as the believer
remember that he is in the hands of the Almighty and that He will not abandon him
as long as he worships him faithfully, He the Exalted says: "Successful
indeed are the believers* Those who offer their prayers with all solemnity and
full submissiveness" (1-2 Al Mu'iminun).
When the star grows and gets older, it explodes anddecrease in size and become a white midget in an explosion that has the
temperature of 400.000 degree Celsius! Scientist confirm that our sun will have
the same end and burns, this burning or combustion will result in reducing the
size of the sun into small dim sun in stages. Isn't it marvelous to find the
Quran telling us about the end of the sun in Him, the Exalted, saying: "
When the sun is wound round" (1: AL Takwir). This cosmic fact was not
known at the time when Quran was revealed where the people used to believe that
the Universe is eternal, therefore, this verse indicates the end of the sun
that the scientists discussing currently and this is one miracle of the Quran.
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Allah  "he" Thisis a linguistic nature, and it does not contain any kind of prejudice towards a
particular gender, and it should be believed that God is not described as
masculine or feminine, but rather it is a linguistic necessity in dealing and

Goddoes not grieve, does not regret, does not eat, does not drink, does not sleep,
does not marry, and does not have a wife or children 

God isnot like humans in their qualitiesTheBible is a distortion of God's words and attributes "There is nothing whatever like unto Him."              [Al-Qur’an 42:11] 

 Islamis not just another religion. It is the same message preached by Moses, Jesus
and Abraham. Islam literally means ‘submission to God’ and it teaches us to
have a direct relationship with God. It reminds us that since God created us,
no one should be worshipped except God alone. It also teaches that God is
nothing like a human being or like anything that we can imagine. The concept of
God is summarized in the Quran as: 

“Say, He is God, the One. God, theAbsolute. He does not give birth, nor was He born, and there is nothing like
Him.” (Quran 112:1-4)[4]  


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Luke18:19 “Then a notable asked him,“ Good Teacher, what must I do to obtain
eternal life? "" Why do you call me good? Jesus answered him. No one
is good except God alone. "
Here Iwill quote what the Dictionary of the Bible says: (When the Bible attributes
perfection to a person, as the revelation says about Job: "1 There was in
the land of Uts a man who was Job called. This man was blameless and upright.
He feared God and turned away from evil. "


  it does notmean absolute perfection, like God
. And I say: Yes, when the book is attributed toChrist as being good, it is not for his perfection and his righteousness as
God, but as a perfect man who walks in perfection.


: The conclusion
 in itself isprohibited in the religion of Christianity by the text of Christ, peace be upon
him, on that according to the Bible, where he says:
* Do not lean on your understanding, but with allyour heart (Proverbs 3: 5-6).

Oncethe concrete in the brain is set, there is no changing it.
It'sgood that you are interested in facts, but of course as you know, regarding the
literal Trinity, none exists. It is a supposition at best. It made Constantine


 there isnone for the literal Trinity. It does not matter how adamant you become, how
bored or irritated you become with those who try to point this out to you, the
fact of the matter is that claiming G.d to be three parts of one is heretic.
the  truth
Christand the Holy Spirit are messengers of God
 they have noauthority except by God’s permission

God isonly the Father
Christis the Messenger of God
TheHoly Spirit is an angel to transmit revelation to the prophets

Theremay have been an honest and open-hearted attempt to understand the relationship
of Jesus to G.d, but it's not expressed in the Bible as a literal Trinity, nor
does it make any sense to have a three part G.d. Seeing as we are only
interested in facts, the Catholic version of the Trinity is clearly a dogma.


Theonly harm I see in this erroneous belief is that it puts Jesus in the Godhead
as a permanent fixture and enables Christians to claim a unique state for Jesus
as being both His own Father and the Son of Himself and thus they become the
only true religion in a world in which everybody got an equal share of the word
of G.d. If not then you are declaring G.d to be a prejudiced, unjust G.d by
abandoning everybody but the Jews. I'm not sure how anybody can make sense of
that, but they try to and at the end of the day that's what religious beliefs
tend to do.


It'snot so much as knowing more, it's seeing how plainly they went wrong in
establishing a literal Trinity all those years ago
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Hijrah from Mecca to Madinahorder allah  to the Prophet MuhammadPeace be upon him  

 because Quraish hurt theProphet and the Muslims The significance of Hijrah (themigration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to Madinah) is not limited to
the Islamic history or to the Muslims. The Hijrah not only reshaped - socially
and politically - the Arab
Peninsula, but also had
its impact on worldwide civilizations. 

Throughout the history of Islam, themigration was a transitional line between the two major eras, regarding to the
message of Islam; the era of Makkah and the era of Madinah. In its essence,
this signified a transition from one phase to another, as follows: 

Transition from the position ofweakness, where the non-believers of Makkah — particularly the people of
Quraish — humiliated, tortured and killed Muslims, to the position of strength.
This is where Muslims were allowed to defend themselves and were able to defeat
their adversaries. 

Transition form spreading Islamthrough individual Da'wah (inviting others to Islam) to the spreading of Islam
through institutionalized Da'wah, initiated by the state. Transition from a position whereMuslims represented a small group of people, surrounded by enemies and
threatened by death, to the position of a regional power with a strong central
leadership. This was one that was surrounded by a large number of followers and

Transition of Da'wah from regionalism,in which the focus was only on Quraish and the tribes surrounding Makkah, to
the phase of universalism. This is where the Muslim
State began reaching out to Persia, Egypt,
and the Byzantine Empire. Transition from being a simple Islamicgroup of believers, to being the Islamic Ummah (nation). This is which was an
organized Islamic state, with a central leadership and other organizations. 

Transition, which is mostsignificantly for early Muslims, to the phase in which Islam was not only the
act of worship, but a way of life. This was encompassing (surrounding)
politics, economy, social interactions and every other aspect of life. This was
the first time when Islam was looked upon as a comprehensive religion. 

This contrast between the two periodsis clearly noticeable in the Qur’anic discourse. Muslim scholars describe the
part of Qur’an that was revealed in Makkah as the Makkan Qur’an, and that which
was revealed in Madinah as the Madini Qur’an. Although both parts are intermingledin the Qur’an and constitute one divine script, the discourse of both parts is
clearly distinguishable. Whereas the part revealed in Makkah concentrated on
Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah/monotheism), the part revealed in Madinah covered
rules regarding Islamic life in general. 

There is no doubt whatsoever that themigration of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to Madinah was the crucial
event, which established the Islamic civilization. This was a civilization that
thrived for many centuries. 

Hijrah, the turning point in Islamichistory Hijrah, no doubt, kindled the light ofhope in the hearts of the early Muslims who set a shinning example for all
Muslims, in every generation, to emulate. Hijrah, in essence, is a process oftransfer to a better situation. It is not meant to find a comfortable place
where one would relax and stop endeavor (attempt). Rather, it is a search for
an environment more favorable to continuous and constructive effort.
Immediately after reaching Madinah, the Prophet undertook an all-embracing
process to establish a faithful and strong society. This is a significant
aspect and important lesson to learn from Hijrah. 

In the Glorious Qur'an, Allah, MostHigh, says, "Those who believe, and migrate and strive in Allah’s cause,
with their goods and their persons, have the highest rank in the sight of
Allah: they are indeed the successful people. Their Lord does give them glad
tidings of a Mercy from Himself, of His good pleasure, and of Gardens where
enduring pleasure will be theirs: They will dwell therein forever. Verily in
Allah’s presence is a reward, the greatest (of all)." (Al-Tawbah 9: 20-22) 

Our religious calendar is the Hijricalendar. It is important for us to keep in mind the meaning and significance
of Hijrah. Hijrah was one of the most importantevents in the history of Islam. It is for this reason `Umar (may Allah be
pleased with him) adopted Hijrah date to calculate years. Muslims chose Hijrah
as the focal point to reckon their chronology. In physical terms, Hijrah was a
journey between two cities about 200 miles apart, but in its grand significance
it marked the beginning of an era, a civilization, a culture and a history for
the whole mankind. Islam progressed not only from the physical Hijrah, but
because Muslims took Hijrah seriously in all its aspects and dimensions. 

When the Prophet (peace and blessingsbe upon him) made the Hijrah from Makkah to Madinah, he did not just transfer
his residence or took shelter in another city, but as soon as he arrived in
Madinah he began the transformation of that city in every aspect. It is important for us to study andreflect on the things that he did in Madinah. There are many lessons for us in
that history and we can learn many things for our life. 

1. Masjid(Mosque): The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) first established a
Masjid for the worship of Allah. He himself worked in carrying the stones and
building that small, humble but most powerful structure. This was the
beginning, but soon other Masajid (mosques) were established in Madinah. 

2. Madrasah(Islamic school and educational institution for the community):. The first school
under the supervision of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) was the school of Suffah. Later many other schools were
opened. According to Maulana Shibli Numani, there were nine schools opened in
Madinah alone in the time of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). 

3. Mu'akhah:He established brotherly relations between the Muhajirun (Muslims who migrated
from Makkah) and the Ansar (residents of Madinah who helped the Prophet and his
Companions). Masjid and Madrasah were not enough; what was also important was
to have good relations between Muslims. They should have their brotherhood on
the basis of faith, not on the basis of tribes as they used to have prior to

4. Intercommunityand Interfaith Relations: Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) also
established good relations with other communities living in Madinah. There was
a large Jewish community as well as some other Arab tribes who had not accepted
Islam. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) prepared a Mithaq (a covenant
or a constitution) for relations between these communities. 

5. Cleaningthe City: Yathrib (previous name of Madinah) was a dirty city. When the Sahabah
(Prophet's Companions) came from Makkah to Madinah, many of them got sick and
did not like that city. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked
them to clean the city and remove its dirt and filth. `Aishah, may Allah be
pleased with her, said: “We came to Madinah and it was the most polluted land of Allah. The water there was most
stinking. (Al-Bukhari, 1756)

6. WaterSystem in the City: The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) asked the
Sahabah to dig wells in different parts of the city. It is mentioned that more
than 50 wells were opened in the city of Madinah
and there was enough clean water for every one. 7. Agricultureand Gardening: The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) encouraged the
Sahabah to cultivate the land and make gardens. He told them that any one who
would cultivate any dead land, would own it. Many people started working and
cultivating and soon there was enough food for every one.

8. PovertyEradication: In a short period of time it happened that there were no poor
people in Madinah. Every one had enough and the Prophet (peace and blessings be
upon him) used to give gifts to coming delegations. 9. Safety,Security, Law and Order: Madinah became the safest city in the world. There
were very few incidents of theft, rape, drunkenness or murder and they were
immediately taken care of. 

In short, Hijrah teaches us thatwherever Muslims go, they should bring goodness to that land. Muslims should
work for both moral and material goodness of the society. Hijrah is obligatory Hijrah is obligatory on Muslims ifthey are unable to practice their religion in the country they are living in,
and if they are facing serious persecutions and find themselves unable to
overcome them. In such cases, if they are faced with the choice of renouncing
their religion or going to a place where they can readily practice it, they are
obligated to emigrate. 

However, hijrah should not be anoption to consider if what we said is not the case, as Muslims are ordered to
struggle to establish their faith wherever they live. The Prophet (peace and
blessings be upon him) said: "Jihad (struggle in the path of Allah to
establish His religion) is an ongoing duty until the Day of Resurrection." There is no hijrah from Makkah toMadinah or anywhere else after Makkah surrendered to the laws of Islam. 

As far as emigration for economicreasons is concerned, it will be reckoned accordingly. The Prophet (peace and
blessings be upon him) said: "Actions are judged by intentions and
everyone will be judged according to his intention. So whoever emigrates for
the sake of Allah and His Messenger, his hijrah will be reckoned as done for
Allah and His Messenger. But whoever emigrates for worldly reasons or marrying
a woman, his hijrah will be reckoned accordingly." 

Having said this, the economicemigrants living in the West can, however, transform their hijrah into an act
of `Ibadah (worship) if they change the intention and dedicate themselves to be
ambassadors of Islam in their new home.  

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???? ???? ?????? ???????? ??? ?? ??? ???? ???? ????? ?????    Hijra of the Prophet Muhammad SAWS By Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman  

 Al-Hijrah: A migration that changed history | VRIC Conversations 

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