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How Businesses Can Use Video on Their Websites ECommerce Articles | April 17 Walt Weiss Athletics Jersey , 2007 How Businesses Can Use Video on Their Websites to Draw Targeted Traffic, Engage Visitors and Increase Sales. Video Is the Next Revolution on the
Internet. Is Your Business Going to Be a Player?

When you're trying to make an impression on the internet, making your website stand out is the most important task. While you could use the usual colorful
graphics or an easy to use layout, many web surfers are looking for something
new and exciting. Something that will capture their attention and keep it!This
is why video has become so important, as evidenced by various video sharing
websites. When you include video on your business website, you can not only
stand out from the rest of the crowd Tony Phillips Athletics Jersey , but you will also be able to share information in a way that's both interactive and compelling.

Training those that visit your siteIf you're in a business that provides specialized services, you may want to use video on your website as a way to
educate your clients. By offering users the chance to see how to use your
product or how to perform a certain action, you will be able to give them that
in-person feeling, even if you're not standing next to them. Clients like to
feel as though you are helping them personally ? and video allows you to do

Market to your clientsAnother benefit of videos on your website is their marketing use. Since so many people are used to seeing commercials and other
advertisements, the use of video on your website to advertise specials and lower
prices will be something they expect to find.

You can change the video on a weekly basis or perhaps even more frequently, depending on your sales. If you have a television campaign as well Matt Chapman Athletics Jersey , you will be able to showcase that video on your site to maintain consistency.

Personalize your businessOf course, if you're a business that wants to stand out, videos are a great way to personalize your site. By offering site visitors
a chance to see you or your product in action, you will be able to maintain more
direct contact with your customers.

You can incorporate a specific jingle or set of images that they will be able to recognize and remember easily. You can also create a video that features an
idea or storyline that will continue on, urging those that visit to come back to
your site again and again to find out what happens next.

Create that expert appealEven more importantly is your ability to showcase your expert knowledge of your product or service. By offering videos that
demonstrate this expertise, you will be able to show that you are the choice for
potential customers. You can Stephen Piscotty Athletics Jersey , for example, show why your product works as well as how it will benefit them in their everyday lives.

People like to see what they are buying and who is selling it to them. When you put videos on your website, you can stop the impersonal atmosphere of the
internet and start reaching out to potential buyers. All of this adds up to
higher traffic counts as well as profits.

Seminars dealing with "special topics" have actually been around for decades, and are an older form of marketing and information exchanges, that have seen
quite a resurgence of interest in the past ten years.

Seminars are simply a group of people coming together for the discussion and learning of specific
techniques and topics. Usually there are several keynote speakers within each
seminar, and these speakers are usually experts in their own fields Rickey Henderson Athletics Jersey , or topics. Several topic reviews are scheduled each day throughout the seminar, and attendees can usually make their
choice of topics from among these scheduled events.

Many individuals attend seminars each year, some attending several times a year. The topics of
seminars can be as varied as the groups attending them, but in particular, there
has been a rise of Internet Marketing Seminars over the past five years, due to
the increased interest in this field.

What then are the advantages and disadvantages of seminars if you choose to attend or if you're thinking of


1. A wealth of knowledge usually Dennis Eckersley Youth Jersey , presented by many speakers at one time in one place. A lot of "learning" at one clip, with most material compressed into
two or three days' worth of time.

2. A sense of camaraderie, where individuals can meet others with the same interestsproblemsconcerns that they
may have in their chosen field.

3. A sense of renewed hope and inspiration (this is especially true for Internet marketing seminars), as
sometimes business concerns are lessened by sharing experiences with others.
Being with others that "understand" individual's problems or concerns, is
usually a great morale booster!

4. A great way for those that don't like to read, or attend classes Dave Henderson Youth Jersey , to improve their knowledge of a specific subject.

5. A nice vacation, in usually, a good hotel. Most seminars take place in quality hotels, as this is part of the incentive to attracting


1. Cost, of course, as all attendees must absorb their own costs. The seminars themselves sometimes also have an
entry fee that can be quite high. All travel costs Terry Steinbach Youth Jersey , food costs, hotel costs, and other miscellaneous costs must be absorbed by the attendees.

2. The chance that the speakers may be sharing incorrect knowledge, or not at all knowledgeable
themselves (it pays to make your own assessments of presented topics, not just
blindly "follow the pack"). Tips, tricks Rollie Fingers Youth Jersey , and strategies need to be weighed as to "worth" and "accuracy" before using these. Careful thought rules here.

3. The time spent away from your actual business, or life, to attend. Time is
always a concern when scheduling activities and some individuals simply can't
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