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Books To Handle Post Traumatic Stress Self Help Articles | August 25, 2011
Coming home from war can lead to post traumatic stress, and these books can help you identify the condition, learn more about it Curtis Martin Hat , or figure out how to take the first steps toward healing.

Waking the Tiger, by Peter A. Levine is a book that talks about the effects of post traumatic stress and the things that can often lead to it as well as the
consequences it can have on the people that endure it. It offers a new and
hopeful version of trauma and shows it through the lens of humans being an
animal that has a capacity to use and be affected by instinct. By asking and
answering questions, of why wild animals are rarely traumatized even though they
are always encountering trauma, there can be much learned about the mysteries
associated with human trauma.

Also, the book has a lot of steps that can help Braden Mann Hat , especially when people are often traumatized by ordinary experiences, and so the reader learns of the various impulses that are in play
when we feel trauma and the way we can control it.

Sherryl Woods writes the Backup Plan, a book written by a woman who barely escaped a car bomb that killed her lover and her cameraman and so she is always
experiencing panic attacks. When she comes home, she can settle down and enjoy a
calming and sweet life with her new sweetheart and new life. Though a story,
this book shows how someone struggling with post traumatic stress can overcome
it and start on her new life with her new love.

Trauma and Recovery Bryce Hall Hat , the aftermath of violence, by Judith Herman, is a book that talks about how we think about trauma and victims of it. Usually these problems
are considered individually, but the book provides an expansive view of the
subject and talks of how it effects a people at large, such as veterans and
victims of political war and terror. Also Ashtyn Davis Hat , she makes parallels between private trauma such as rape and terror and then compares it to the grand scale traumas, as well. This is a book
that can really shed light on the particulars of trauma.

Dana Reinhardt writes The Things a Brother Knows, a book about a brother who comes home from the marines and then never talks and doesn't come out of his
room or ride in cars or see his girlfriend or listen to music and then he
screams and howls in the middle of the night. And as the book focuses on his
trauma and the things it makes him encounter, it also shows how his trauma
affects the family around him and how it has an effect on them. Written in a
personal and detailed way, the book gives you a sense of how it is to live with
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