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There are alot of reasons why a person can have low self esteem. But here I want to speak about an experince tha ti have been having lately with someone I know.

Well I have my ears peirced twice on each side. ANd I have to wear real gold cause other wise my ears get messed up.

I was at someones house. (this someone is very close to me through relationship. And she's older). She looked at my earrings and said to me..."oh you got new earring...in a serious and sarcastic way. But I dont like them. WHy did you get such a old fashion."

I simply told her, "I dont know whats new and old fashion in jewlery. I bought them cause I liked them."

Ok everytime I go to her house. She says something to put me down. Or make me me feel bad in some way. She's constantly picking on me.

And I know she does it to make herself feel better. Therefore, she has low self esteem.

I just want to know...what do you guys so when someone puts you down like that?
Posted 05 Jul 2005

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