"Laaj" a different movie.

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Pakistan, Pakistan

Ignorant of the fact that the World was preparing for a brutal war, a young girl fell in love with a young man in the British ruled India. This is the story of true love, bravery and sacrifice A reality of a clash of norms and beliefs This is the history of the people who gave their lives to protect their honor.

And History
Rauf Khalid#8217;s
A True Story.

In the first half of the 20th century, The warring Pathans of the North West of India turned more aggressive against the ruling Britain. The Fakir of Ippy (A 60 years old mystic) was already a living legend before he started a war that was fought over the love of a romantic couple who knew no bounds of religion, cast, color or language.

The story starts in the twenties of the 20th Century in the un-divided British ruled India. A 17 years old rich Hindu girl named Ram Kori alias Chand Bibi runs from her home with a Pathan boy Noor Ali Khan and reaches a mystic Muslim leader #8220;The Fakir of IPPY#8221; (to embrace Islam and marry the boy of her dreams).

The Fakir gets the boy and the girl married after the girl accepts Islam (her new name is Islam Bibi).
The influential and rich Hindus of the area reach the British Court run by an English Political Agent who combines in himself both the executive and the judiciary. The Political Agent is really against the warring Pathans and is all out to teach them a lesson.

In the court, the Political Agent decides the case against the loving couple. Legally since Islam Bibi had become a Muslim she was to be tried under Mohammadan Law (where a girl of fourteen years is adult and can choose her husband), but according to the Political Agent#8217;s decision, since under the English Law a girl is considered minor till she reaches the age of eighteen, both her acceptance of Islam as well as her marriage were void.

The Muslim lawyers representing Islam Bibi, insisted that the court also decree that the girl will not be taken away from Bannu, it was granted. However, in due course the girl was secretly taken away to Hoshiar Pur. The boy at the behest of the faqir went to Hoshiar Pur. After exchange of hot words with Islam Bibi#8217;s family, Noor ali stabbed a man and was arrested. He eventually broke the jail, picked up Islam Bibi and reached Waziristan. The Britishers after a failed dialogue attacked the village.

The Fakir unhappy with the attack wages a holy war against the English. Backed by the German aid in Arms, etc. he starts a Gorilla War against the Britishers. What happened afterwards, will be seen on the big screen.

A Pre-Partition tale of the British Rule in India .

After A long time great historical movie is comming soon.
should this type file make?Will this movie succeed?what u feel about this?
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Posted 16 Jul 2003

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