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According to a recent publication in JAMA, medicine should be considered as a craft requiring a patient and a physician, piecing together elements of the patient’s story and physician’s knowledge and skill, constituting a healing relationship. However, inefficient technologies and administrative redundancies have created barriers in patient-physician interactions.

PhyPal’s AI-driven digital health solutions are designed to tackle these barriers. Our solutions optimize patient-physician interactions and drive improvements in clinical efficiencies and outcomes, allowing physicians to average a 40% increase in their productivity. Further, our digital therapeutic solutions for patients have significantly improved treatment outcomes, thus resulting in lower costs for payers.

PhyPal is a suite of AI-driven digital health solutions that assist the physician during every part of their workflow, allowing them to better focus on their patients. By providing an interface for the physician and patient to improve their liaison, PhyPal supports the physician much like a friend or a ‘pal’ would, hence the name PhyPal. PhyPal was founded by Ranjeet Randhawa, Michael Brown MD, and Ayumi Takasugi. 

PhyPal has its roots in Seattle, Washington, the city that is emerging as a hub for digital health startups. PhyPal was recently selected as one of the 26 companies chosen for the fourth edition of Washington Technology Industry Association’s Founder Cohort Program.

PhyPal’s chronic disease management programs for pain management, sleep disorders, behavioral health, and weight management can help healthcare payers reduce their spending by keeping their patients healthier. In order to aid physicians in their endeavors to become more patient-centric and provide better interim care, PhyPal has created a Smart Analytical Remote Assistant (SARA), an AI powered application to keep patients connected with their doctors. SARA helps patients manage every aspect of their treatment, ranging from reminders to progress tracking to treatment instructions, in one simple place. 

Every patient encounter involves a range of necessary tasks and data entry, data collection, splitting your time, and increasing needs like staffing. That’s why PhyPal's systems work to minimize the administrative burden for physicians, giving them more time to focus on patient outcomes.

Posted 23 Jul 2020

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