Cebersport in DOTA

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Do you know how to entrer the cybersport in DOTA2, I really want to rise my mmr adn to join the nice team.
Posted 26 Jul 2020

MarkUltra says
Hi, Man! I believe that if you want to improve your skill it is necessary to play with professional players, to analyze their games and strategies and so on. Now it is rather to enter the cybersport in dota, but I believe that it is possible. If you don't want to start from low mmr noobs, it is better to use the help of z3ddota or some other sites like this and to save your nervous system and give you an opportunity to play with guys that understand the game. Good luck, man!
Posted 26 Jul 2020

Norty says
Good day to all! Yeah, I decided to buy a powerful PC by parts to play games without any issues and now I'm looking for a good power supply. By the way, what game do you prefer more? As for me, I play DOTA and Counter-Strike. These two games are my favourite, I suppose. But I should say that if you are a newbie, it is not so interesting to play both of these games, because you will get not so professional teammates or you can use MMR boost by z3ddota. It could allow you to play with experienced players.
Posted 31 Jul 2020

DominickD says
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Posted 05 Aug 2020

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Posted 14 Aug 2020

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