Do you think Colorado has become less criminal after marijuana was legalized there?

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Do you think Colorado has become less criminal after marijuana was legalized there? How do people who were against the legalization of cannabis behave?
Posted 03 Aug 2020

It seems to me that legalizing marijuana is the right decision, and it also significantly reduces the clandestine sale of low-quality, harmful for health cannabis. I know that with the opening of cannabis dispensaries, many people have no more problems getting properly grown and well prepared to use cannabis flower or other THC product. It really makes other people's lives better and because it's controlled by the Colorado government, there is no scam in this business. I recently read this article . It seems to me that the advantages of official, legal, licensed coffee shops were explained very clearly here.
Posted 10 Aug 2020

I'm so glad that it legalized. I've had so many problems with getting CBD oil for myself. I've needed to order it from another country. It is such a wonderful medicine to treat insomnia and headaches. And right now whet it finally legalized, I can easy get it for myself at a local drugstore. What a relief.
Posted 02 Oct 2020

Bin20 says
Thanks for sharing this information. I don't think cannabis has ever been legalized. It is impossible
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Posted 02 Oct 2020

Posted 03 Oct 2020

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Posted 03 Oct 2020

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Posted 04 Nov 2020

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Posted 23 Sep 2021

Posted 27 Sep 2021

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Ron16 says
Maybe they just compromise and go with the flow. Or maybe they also used marijuana since it is already legalize. 

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Posted 11 Feb 2022

Ron16 says
Maybe they just compromise and go with the flow. Or maybe they also used marijuana since it is already legalize. 

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Posted 11 Feb 2022

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