choice of coke milling efficiency

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Petroleum coke is an energy material commonly used in coal, ink, metallurgy, and chemical industries. Its color is a color of charcoal, with coke and cooked coke. Petroleum coke is mainly used for the production of carbon products, such as graphite electrodes, anode arcs, for steel making, non-ferrous metals, aluminum smelting; preparation of carbonized silicon products, such as various grinding wheels, sand, sandpaper, etc. 
For the production of synthetic fibers, acetylene and other products; can also be used as fuel. The petroleum coke vertical mill manufactured by SBM is a mill equipment with energy saving and intelligent manufacturing. The whole set of equipment has high automation degree, low noise, wide application, simple operation and stable performance. The choice of coke milling efficiency.
For powder processing companies, the choice of mill is very important, related to the efficiency and quality of the entire production line. Petroleum coke is a non-metallic mine with great market value. SBM can supply professional petroleum coke vertical mill grinding machine equipment to meet the production needs of the powder industry and improve efficiency and create value for petroleum coke projects. 
Posted 04 Aug 2020

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