How do you use LinkedIn in your work?

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Any tips how to actually use LinkedIn effectively?
Posted 18 Aug 2020

JohnP5 says
I don`t know but maybe you can use it at You can try it. 
Posted 18 Aug 2020

greys says
I found an article with useful tips how to improve your linkedin profile here Hope it helps. I often use LinkedIn in my work, this platform could be quite useful for work and business. With its help I can connect people, send multiple messages, track sales activities in auto mode and get all statistics online.
Posted 21 Aug 2020

EthannK says

what is it?

Posted 26 Aug 2020

Gevorg says
I know this app and it is really very useful in use. I use it myself every now and then so I know it. Also, there is one more service that you might need guys for your business. We have lots of competitors around so if you wanna know everything about them you can ask web scraper service to extract all the data from their sites and transform it into excel or whatever! 
Posted 03 Sep 2020

brownviki says
Well, it depends on what you want to do there. For example, itfyou have a big business you may generate leads with the help of ?LinkedIn automation software. Just go to ? and ask for help with it. 
Posted 09 Dec 2020

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Posted 07 Jan 2021

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