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What gadgets do you take with you on camping?
Posted 14 Sep 2020

Hello! There are some things which I usually take with me. First of all, this is a three-layer floor and other tent accessories for camping. So, these are the most necessary things for me I can't imagine my hike without them. So, you should have a look at them
Posted 25 Sep 2020

madina55 says
I also like to go hiking to take a break from computers, smartphones and other equipment. Of course, you should not give up gadgets that will help make your stay in nature more comfortable and easy. Some gadgets are simply irreplaceable. I definitely take a backpack with me, tent, sleeping bag, also bought a camping stool?. In addition, there must be a flashlight, a Power Bank, a knife, a gas burner, and the necessary dishes.
Posted 19 Oct 2020

tankbosten says
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Posted 02 Dec 2020

Nortman says
I'm actually preparing for the next season, you know, even though it wouldn't be possible, I will be ready anyway, lol. You know, this thing means hope, all these preparations and all special things you purchase mean only one thing- hope for future, hope for everything being fine, positive thinking. Thus, I have already bought a cell phone booster for my rv to travel next time. It's really important to be connected to the internet and get in touch with everyone when you're out of your usual work for long time. offers really great reviews of the cell phone boosters, try to check it if you're preparing for the next season as I do.
Posted 03 Dec 2020

SirusMion says
Nortman, I personally use these reviews all the time! Thanks for providing this source here.
Posted 03 Dec 2020

senlignman says
On such trips, we take with us absolutely everything that is needed for a comfortable and safe stay. In this store they purchased the entire range for spending the night in nature. The quality of the tents is perfect, everyone will be able to find chairs. And naturally, all sorts of other goods were ordered only here.
Posted 04 Oct 2021

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