Does Stress Really Cause Obesity Problem?

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One study found an initial increase followed by a return to roughly baseline, while the other found no notable difference in the increase compared with the control diet. There was a similar reduction to a control group in one study without much of a difference in weight change, and a more notable reduction in an uncontrolled study where the participants lost a modest amount of weight. Small increases in most studies, independently of caloric intake. The one study that found a reduce compared with the control group was a very low calorie diet for both groups.

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Posted 09 Oct 2020

You never know how exactly stress will affect your health; moreover, many people lose weight crazily being stressed, but obesity is rather widespread, too. It is better to prevent stress than going through difficult and complicated recovery practice, I save myself with medical weed and odorless dry herb vaporizer Airistech Nokiva
Posted 20 Oct 2020

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Posted 28 Oct 2021

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Posted 22 Oct 2022

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Personally, I take blessed cbd oil and it helps me to always stay in great mental shape. It's worth buying.
Posted 22 Oct 2022

Hi all, how are you doing? Very interesting topic.
Posted 06 Nov 2022

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