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Hey, I have been playing sports since 9 years old. My favorite sport is football. Football has become a part of my life, I can't imagine my life without sports. What's your favorite sport?
Posted 14 Oct 2020

Alisaa12 says
Hi, I love tennis, this is my favorite sport. I get pleasure when I play tennis and when I place bets on the site I support my favorite teams and try not to miss games in life and on TV. I want to give my son to this sport, but he likes dancing more and I don't mind. I want him to do what he likes
Posted 14 Oct 2020

Grantet says
Hi there. Football is great game, I also often watch matches. English Premier League is my favorite, I usually follow such teams like Arsenal, Chelsea, MU. Also I watch boxing and make bets via, sometimes I win good money!
Posted 30 Oct 2020

filafila says
As for me, I like sport
Posted 29 Nov 2020

Mila89 says
I like sport but mostly prefer which is a good way to earn additional cash as well.
Poker and online slots are a solution for me in current situation. But sometimes I like to bet on sport. It is not so bad at all.
Posted 29 Nov 2020

Loca78 says
Hey there! What are you all talking about? I believe that you are offering completely unverified and unreliable sources. Go here  and read information about sports betting. This is also a kind of gamble, but it is based on your love for the sport. Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck!
Posted 23 Jan 2021

She said I looked like an American singer
Posted 07 Jul 2021

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Posted 24 Dec 2022

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Posted 04 Feb 2023

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