Do you control what your children are doing on the Internet?

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What kind of site do they visit? Who do your children talk to on the Internet?
Posted 20 Oct 2020

mikinik says
There are many different tools available to keep children safe on the Internet: antivirus software, VPNs (virtual private networks) and parental control applications. Through these tools, parents are able to monitor their children's online activities, which ensures that the child makes reasonable use of the Internet. 
Don't leave your child alone with your computer. You need to be there
Posted 23 Oct 2020

marengo says

While online, the child can become a victim of the criminal, not even knowing about it. All this can lead to the theft of personal information of the user, including the name, address, date of birth, current location, etc. But the worst thing is if the child uses one of the devices of the parent, for example, a laptop - in this case, there may be a theft of personal data, which can be easily compromised in the future. 
For safety, install keylogger on children's phone and computer. This will give you full information about your child's online activity

Posted 23 Oct 2020

durwardf16 says
Posted 23 Oct 2020

elizabeth1 says
Maybe you're not aware of it, but it's possible to record every keystroke you type on your computer and send that information to an outsider. There's software on the market that will write everything to a file and the moment you connect to the Internet, it will send the information to another computer. Find out how to get keylogger protection for your computer here. Spytector keylogger
Posted 14 Sep 2022

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