How to increase the distance of the wireless communication module

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1. Antenna adjustmentThe gain of the wireless communication system is equal to the sum of the transmit power of the wireless module and the gain of the antenna, so the gain of the antenna has a great relationship with the transmission distance of the wireless module. In the case that the module and the antenna are matched, the higher the gain of the antenna, the longer the transmission distance of the wireless Bluetooth module.
Generally, the gain of a small suction cup is only about 2.0dBi, and some good outdoor large antennas can reach a gain of about 5dBi. If the effect of using a small gain antenna with a wireless module for data transmission is not satisfactory, you can replace the antenna with a higher gain, and the wireless module will transmit farther.
At the same time, it is also necessary to pay attention to the directivity and installation method of the antenna. Set the antenna as high as possible. Adjust the antenna connected to the wireless module to be placed in the same horizontal plane and parallel state, so that the sensing surface for wireless signal transmission and reception is the largest. The intensity of the electromagnetic wave signal is the largest, so that the wireless transmission distance is longer.
2.Transmission pathThe wireless module for wireless data communication is realized through the linear transmission of wireless electromagnetic waves in the air, so the occlusion of obstacles has a great impact on the wireless transmission, especially the obstacles of metal objects, which not only block the wireless transmission signal, it can also absorb And reflect electromagnetic wave signals, reducing radiation efficienc Therefore, the biggest obstacles for wireless transmission are actually metal, houses, woods, grass, sea level and other objects that can play a blocking role.Arrows RC airplane
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3.Transmitter and receiver adjustmentFirst, you need to consider the application scenario and determine the distance to be transmitted. If you need to transmit over a longer distance, consider whether the wireless Bluetooth module has a power amplifier (PA) and a low noise amplifier (LNA), otherwise it will not be able to achieve long-distance wireless transmission.
4.Working frequency adjustmentThe wireless channel is relatively crowded, especially the ISM frequency band. During the actual installation of the communication equipment, the local electromagnetic environment can be spectrum surveyed, and relatively "clean" frequency points can be selected to avoid unnecessary interference. At the same time, strict compliance is required. Local laws and regulations carry out frequency planning.
The communication distance is a comprehensive index of the wireless module, which is affected by many conditions, factors and parameters. In general, the wireless transceiver module should achieve the ideal wireless transmission effect:
1. Make the preliminary planning and selection, mainly for the power supply and the wireless module to be used.
2. Elevate the antenna placement point or offset the placement point of the antenna at both ends of the transceiver to reduce the obstruction of obstacles, reduce the attenuation of electromagnetic wave signals, and reduce the blind area of wireless signals.
3. It is recommended that the antennas of the transmitting end and the receiving end be placed in the same horizontal plane and parallel state.
4. Use an antenna with high gain and matching wireless module to match the user's application scenario.
Posted 16 Nov 2020

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