Which Bluetooth modules work with automotive devices?

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A mainstay in the automotive market, Bluetooth® technology has created connections between car and driver which have brought new levels of safety to our roads and more convenience to the in-car experience.
Bluetooth becomes standard in nearly every new vehicle, why Bluetooth technology is favored by the automotive industry ?
1. Bluetooth is a global standard, and it is enough to develop an application platform;
2. All Bluetooth functions can be connected to a main control device of the car, reducing complexity and cost;
3. Bluetooth supports two-way communication, eliminating the need for special tools, thereby reducing the complexity and cost of development;
4. Bluetooth can achieve higher security than existing RF solutions;
5. It can directly connect smart phones and other devices easily to the car.
Therefore, Bluetooth will play an increasingly important role in autonomous driving, continuous safety, preventive system improvements.
What applications in automotive requiring Bluetooth solutions?
Arrows RC airplane
Atten soldering gun
FMS RC jet
Kerui GSM alarm
Freewing RC jet
1. IN-CAR INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMSThis is most popular application in automotive. Drivers always have a special bond with their vehicles. The Bluetooth car infotainment system is paired with the driver's smartphone to realize hands-free audio streaming, calls and application control. Bluetooth does more than enhance the in-car experience. It allows drivers to keep their focus on what matters most, the road.
2.REMOTE KEYLESS SYSTEMSSmart phones are the new key fob. Thanks to Bluetooth, they enable a wider variety of convenience features, including proximity detection for automatic locking and unlocking, custom seat positioning, and the transfer of virtual keys to additional drivers.
3.IN-VEHICLE WEARABLESAdvancements in biometrics and Bluetooth are transforming the driver experience. Driver wearables monitor blood pressure, heart rate, and activity levels, and trigger driver alerts when detecting signs of sleep or fatigue. These devices create a safer travel experience during long-haul, commercial transports or extended road trips.
4.UNDER-THE-HOOD & CONNECTED MAINTENANCEAs standards for fuel efficiency increase, so too does the need to replace wired systems with wireless solutions, lowering manufacturing costs and reducing the weight of the vehicle to improve fuel economy. Bluetooth technology connects wireless sensor systems and transfers diagnostic information and alerts in real-time to simplify maintenance in both commercial fleets and consumer vehicles.
Feasycom keeps focusingon developing BT/WI-FI modules, for automotive application, we have SOC modules, BT802, BT806, BT1006A, BT966, RF module BT805B , Bluetooth+WI-FI module BW101, BLE BT630, etc. Some modules have mass-produced for automotive manufacturers.
More details, please feel free to contact with Feasycom sales team.
Posted 16 Nov 2020

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