Do you still have btc?

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I am interested in this. Back in 2013 people tried to buy bitcoin an any possible way. As I know it's still quite an expansive crypto and it's also common used in our "money related" world. I am 19 y.o. and I want to buy my first btc. What steps should I make?
Posted 18 Nov 2020

First of all, you need to learn more info about bitcoin because investing in cryptocurrency requires some knowledge and a strategy. I guess you have already heard news about bitcoin - it's going to be even more expensive by 2021. It sounds crazy and I suppose it's time to get some btc.
Alright, after the first step you should take care and find bitcoin wallet to keep your crypto. I've been using when I started and still use it. Pretty good one.
The last step is to buy some btc and don't sell it till 2021 because it's the only way to get profit - to wait.
Posted 18 Nov 2020

Can you tell a little bit more about that wallet?
Posted 18 Nov 2020

Ok, it's a free bitcoin wallet wich provides you an opportunity to keep your crypto in it. It's safe and pretty easy in usage. If you need to create wallet that's the best way in my opinion. I have read a lot of reviews about that btc wallet before started using it
Posted 18 Nov 2020

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Posted 09 Dec 2020

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