Window air conditioner or regular air conditioner?

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Whole house is much more expensive as far as I can tell. Has anyone had much success with window units?
Posted 20 Nov 2020

allcopstan says
They're noisy, The opening they are normally fit into is not tight inviting heat, bugs, and provide easy entrance for thieves.
They're disposable. When they break you will likely have to buy a new one.
Posted 20 Nov 2020

Scinetic says
I moved to live in California bought a new house with a broken air conditioner it was awful it felt like I was burning out. I bought a regular air conditioner and never regretted it. I advise you to choose a regular air conditioner.
Posted 20 Nov 2020

labellim says
For me, the second option is the most suitable so that I would choose that. To gain experience, I would be interested in using the second option to find out what it's like. But for now, I only use a regular air conditioner for me is more convenient because when I break down, I turn to This is the necessary help in such matters, which really helped me. That is why I advise you to listen to my advice.
Posted 21 Sep 2021

gyh1995 says
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Posted 23 Sep 2021

Posted 27 Sep 2021

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