What are the bad and good effects of steroids?

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What are the bad and good effects of steroids? Did you have experience with such products?
Posted 25 Nov 2020

Chris889 says
Men who use androgenic anabolic steroids -- such as testosterone -- may face a higher risk of early death and of experiencing more hospital admissions, according to a new study. 
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Posted 27 Nov 2020

Grantet says
Hello. Steroids can provide a lot of benefits like increasing in power performance, cardio and endurance, muscle size and quality, make recovery period lower and so on. Talking about side effects, modern products are really safe if you will take it right. If you want to get more info, visit my link.
Posted 27 Nov 2020

kenhobbs27 says

Just dont use it. Once you use those pills there is no turning back. Your body will always look for it. and if you stop using it, it might cause you implications or worse death. Design?er Boots

Posted 30 Nov 2020

Maybe I'm not an expert in sports nutrition, but Proviron Libido helped me a lot to build good and fast muscle mass https://steroidsbuyonline.com/store/aromatase-inhibitors/proviron-libido/? . I can say that I immediately noticed an improvement in my sports results, although, of course, there is also some kind of self-hypnosis. But really, the muscle mass showed itself perfectly - the relief outlined exactly the way I always imagined it. Even my girlfriend noticed, although it is generally very difficult to surprise her in this regard.
Posted 16 Dec 2020

bobbybus says
For at finde en god medicin, der kan hjælpe dig med at løse alle problemer med penis, så vil jeg meget råde dig til at gå her ved henvisning, jeg er sikker på, at du helt sikkert vil lykkes, ligesom mig
Posted 17 Dec 2020

There are many side effects of steriod on health that you can  cure wit https://myvestigeproduct.com/


Posted 20 Dec 2020

It is safe not to take any steroids, but to amaze a girl with independent efforts - care, beautiful courtship, romantic dates and a sense of humor. I think you can do it yourself, what do you think? If you run out of options, you can buy special literature to read. It's also useful to go to the gym, of course, but it's not the figure that matters. Although, many modern ladies really fall for it. In general, if you really need a steroid, it is better to take Drostanolone https://steroidsp.com/t/injections-steroids/drostanolon/ to support and strengthen yourself.
Posted 29 Dec 2020

audi12 says
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Posted 29 Dec 2020

ssyeii1 says
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Posted 22 Jan 2021

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Posted 07 Jul 2021

Steroids is good for making the body fitness and also it will supports to shape the body in a perfect way.
Several men are wants to use a good steroids for getting good body energy.  Super p force 160mg will always encourage men erection power and also stimulate men sexual mood into high. This will playing an vital role in men body. It will eliminate premature ejaculation problem and erectile dysfunction problem at a time.
Posted 21 Jul 2021

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