Daily Maintenance and Operation Precautions Of The Web Guide System

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Before the web guide system work
1. Check carefully whether the power switch and the indicator light of the web control system are normal.
2. Check whether the electric indicator light is normal and the sensitivity of the electric eye and the motor.
3. Whether the magnetic powder brake can be braked in time.
4. Fill the gear contact position with lubricating oil to maintain the lubrication between the wheels and reduce mechanical wear to ensure the precision of the web guide.
During the work of the web guide system
1. Is there any abnormality in the coordination of the electric eye, the control system, and the motor?
2.Listen to the sound, whether there is noise or excessive noise in the mechanical part.
3.Whether the temperature of the motor is too high.
After the work of the web guide machine
1. Turn off all power sources to prevent the rectifier from being on standby at any time.
2. Close the protective cover of the web guide control device to avoid objects hitting the device or damaging the control panel.
3. Protect the electric eye from damage by external objects.
4. Lubricate the motor bearings and screw rods.
5. Add lubricant to gears and magnetic powder brakes.
Posted 27 Nov 2020

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