FIFA 21 has sold 1.5 million copies, far more than FIFA 20

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Recently, according to a report from a well-known foreign company SuperData, the global game revenue rankings in October have been officially exposed. And EA’s new year product "FIFA 21" has sold a total of 1.5 million copies, which is much better than last year's "FIFA 20". Let’s take advantage of the enthusiasm of "FIFA 21" to see why this game can achieve such impressive results.

Sports games released this year are generally disappointing. "FIFA 21" is of course no exception. Although it has made some changes in the core football field, the overall performance of the game is not very good. Compared with last year's game, "FIFA 21" also did not bring any major improvements. Of course, the overall game is still relatively smooth, but the career mode lacks real in-depth content. Other major modes are similar to the amateur predecessors, and the overall feel seems to be missing.

On the surface, the changes in this generation of games are difficult to detect. There is no such noteworthy change as the positioning ball system or timing shots introduced in previous years. But as you spend more time in the game, you will slowly perceive the subtle adjustments in this generation of games. EA seems to have controlled the rhythm of the game to the best level this year. The game progressed very smoothly. Not every offensive player in "FIFA 21" will sway the defensive player but like mules and Mbappé. It can still be done, which matches their ability in reality.

As far as the game's own mode is concerned, this year there is no new content like the Volta Streetball mode introduced in "FIFA 20", but the game's own modes have been adjusted more or less. For example, the streetball mode introduces a short single-player mode, which will bring players a new understanding of the charm of street football. Another major change in the streetball mode is the addition of an online mode that can be played with friends. This is a feature that is not available in "FIFA 20", but in general, the streetball mode of "FIFA 21" and There is no essential difference in FIFA 20.

"FIFA 21" through some minor adjustments and improvements, the overall feeling to me is similar to the recent "FIFA", the game lacks some important changes for the New Year game. Although the offense of the game is fun and smooth, and the defense is extremely challenging, the goalkeeping system of the game still has quite a few shortcomings, and the game’s AI is not consistent in different aspects. In addition, some minor repairs in career mode are not satisfactory to most players. In general, "FIFA 21" is to make some stitches to the game. Despite this, if you still love FIFA 21, you need a lot of cheap FUT 21 coins, which is a key factor for your success in the game!

Posted 01 Dec 2020

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