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If you begin an empty map in a cave (where you cannot see the sky), it generates a cave map.  This map type shows caves within a 16-block high vertical slice of the world containing where the map was initially created.  For example, if you start a cave map at y=23, you would get the y=16-31 slice of the world on your map.  This can also be used in the nether to generate useful nether maps.
Posted 04 Dec 2020

Albert12 says
Here's a possible way it could work! What if it darkens areas of the map that have caves underneath them. For example; a plains biome would show up green on a map normally but if there's a cave underneath the surface, then its shape would show up as a darker shade of green on the map. Basically it would only show that there is a cave, not how deep it is bellow the surface.
Any lower caves would just mix with the above caves on the map and look like a bigger cave. If that sounded confusing think about it this way. On the map if there's a cave over another cave, there would be no way to distinguish the two from each other. So their shapes would just overlap and appear as one on the map.
Love the idea! Hope to see it in the Fan Update! Kind of reminds me of how the map from leg o worlds works.
Posted 04 Dec 2020

Killmonger says
I have been playing minecraft for a long time and have already found some chips for this game regarding maps for example you can download the Minecraft maps mod it is very convenient and practical. When you wander through a large dungeon or open location, I think it makes the game more interesting.
Posted 04 Dec 2020

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Posted 07 Jan 2021

gangathara says

Wow! very helpful information thanks for sharing!

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badshahga says
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