Advantages of installing aluminum alloy folding window

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The aluminum alloy folding window profile profiles on the market are divided into two types: aluminum-magnesium alloy and secondary aluminum. Good quality aluminum alloy folding door profiles are made of aluminum, strontium, copper, magnesium, manganese, and other alloys, which have great advantages in toughness, and the thickness can reach more than 1mm. The poorer quality profiles are recycled aluminum, which reduces toughness and service life. Most of the aluminum-magnesium alloy profiles use primary colors without coating, and some manufacturers often use the surface coloring method of recycled aluminum profiles in order to be shoddy. Therefore, consumers should let the merchants display the cross-sections of the product profiles when choosing To understand the real material.
There are many types of folding window profiles on the market. Aluminum Alloy Folding Window Profile is a kind of window that is often installed on the balcony. This folding window can be opened by folding without affecting the effect of indoor lighting and ventilation. , It is favored by many people, so what are the benefits of Aluminum alloy folding windows.
Advantages of installing aluminum alloy folding window
1. Does not occupy space
Aluminum alloy folding window profile can be pushed to the side, which can solve the problem of insufficient balcony space to a certain extent. At present, our commonly used folding windows are mainly divided into two types: side-hanging folding windows and sliding folding windows. Choose the appropriate window according to the size of the space.
2. Excellent thermal insulation and moisture resistance
Aluminum Alloy Folding Window Profile also has excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, and also has a certain effect of sound insulation and noise reduction. In the cold winter, close the folding windows to block the air-conditioning from outside, and add light yellow lights to make the interior look very warm.
3. Excellent anti-theft performance
Aluminum alloy folding window profile has an excellent anti-theft effect due to its unique material and structural design. It is the preferred anti-theft window for many families, enterprises, and institutions. At the same time, folding windows also have excellent protection performance, which can avoid children and the elderly. In the event of falling building accidents, avoid accidents of falling objects from high-rise buildings. At the same time, the folding windows are exquisite in shape, and there is no influence on the lighting and ventilation, which meets the requirements of modern decoration and property management.
Hefei Analu International Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of folding doors and folding windows with aluminum alloys and folding products. The products have three series: small fold, large fold, and double-fold. The aluminum alloy folding door is a kind of horizontally moved by the upper and lower rails, and multiple folds are folded and pushed to the side. It is composed of aluminum alloy profiles, glass door leaves, transmission parts, rotating arm parts, transmission rods, and orientation devices. Its characteristics: heat preservation and heat insulation, noise reduction, strong airtightness, effectively saving the space occupied by the door, simple and easy to play the role of obstructing and freely partitioning the space, and playing a special decorative effect.
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