What does an import expo under the pandemic look like?

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What does an import expo under the pandemic look like?
It’s November 2020, Shanghai. Joining the more than 24 million people that call this city home are 2,600 exhibitors and 400,000 professional
visitors — all here for the 2020 China International Import Expo, or the
The expo, which is in its third year and began Nov. 5, features at its
heart a huge exposition space spanning 360,000 square meters, bringing
together businesses, innovators, buyers and officials who meet,
negotiate, and ink contracts to bring new goods and services to the
Chinese market.To get more news about China International Import Expo, you can visit shine news official website.
While the expo comes against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the
exhibition space has actually expanded by 30,000 square meters this
year, signaling that restrictions on international travel and personnel
exchanges have not dampened exhibitors’ resolve to be present.
And, that’s why Xinhua correspondent Helen Bentley came here — to meet
some of them and find out their motivations for attending.
President Xi Jinping delivered a keynote speech at the opening ceremony,
elaborating on his vision for strengthened cooperation and wider
“We must uphold the principle of mutually beneficial cooperation. We
need to build trust rather than second-guess each other; we need to join
hands rather than throw punches at each other; and we need to consult
rather than slander each other. Bearing in mind the common interests
that bind us all, countries need to work together to make economic
globalization more open, inclusive and balanced for the benefits of
all,” said Xi.
Xinhua covered the CIIE each year since its inception in 2018, when the
event facilitated deals worth 57.83 billion U.S. dollars. The following
year, contracts valued at 71.13 billion U.S. dollars were inked. And
this year continued the trend, with agreements valued at 72.62 billion
U.S. dollars.Many industry leaders choose to launch new products at the
CIIE. Japanese cosmetics maker FANCL has attended the expo each year
since its inception.
“I just came here on Oct 18, and I had a quarantine period — 14 days
actually. Many major companies from many countries join this CIIE. Many
people from China come to visit the event. So it’s a very good chance
for FANCL to be known by people in China actually. Last year, we
gathered 15,000 visitors for this booth actually,” said Morikazu
Nakagawa, International Business Manager of FANCL Corporation.
“China market is second largest market for FANCL. China is growing very
fast. To be frank, in China we are quite positive about this pandemic
because Chinese government stopped this pandemic very quickly. This is
almost the only country who is on the track to growth,” added
Nakagawa.Not surprisingly, COVID-19 has made people more aware of health
care and services, and places at the corresponding area here at the
CIIE were especially competitive this year.
In the end, 300 exhibitors managed to secure a booth, of which over 70 are Fortune 500 and industry leaders.
A subsection for public health and epidemic prevention debuted this
year. Due to demand, the area grew six-fold from its intended space to
12,000 square meters.
Another sign of confidence in the growth of this area is the fact that a
number of pharmaceutical giants have signed on to participate in the
CIIE for the next three years.

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