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Top tips to Grow tomatoes in containers and pots
I decided to have a go at growing tomatoes in pots this year andhave been very pleased with them. I also have my beloved plot with tomatoes
growing in the ground. Over thirty years I have successfully grown tomatoes in
my garden plot. But growing my tomatoes in containers is anew departure for me.
The comparison between the pot grown tomato and those in theground. I grew 2 varieties this year moneymaker and an Italian cherry tomato
variety. These seeds came with a academized discount code. I sowed the seeds in
March 2008 and grew them on in my conservatory in 6 inch pots. I always have
far to many plants and ended up giving most of them away to friends. Once the
risk of frost had gone I set them out in the garder and in my containers and
within a month I was picking tomatoes. As I speak in late august I still have
many fruits to pick so it has been a good year. I did notice 2 slight
differences between the containers grown tomatoes and those in the ground.
Firstly the moneymaker tomatoes were slightly smaller than theones grown on my plot.
Secondly there were not quite as many cherry tomatoes in thecontainers.
Other than that the results were very similar. You may not knowthat the taste of home grown tomatoes is far superior to shop ones. For the
container grown tomatoes
Posted 18 Dec 2020

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